Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I touched Gibson's Bat. (SCP Auctions Press Conference)

Now it should be called "Kirk Gibson's and Roberto's Game Used 1988 World Series Bat"

Kirk Gibson is ready to sell his memorable 1988 items. SCP Auctions held a press conference at Sports Museum of Los Angeles earlier today. It was a great location for the press conference.

That place is amazing. It's practically a Dodgers Hall of Fame. But that's for another post. Here I will write about Gibson's items.

SCP Auctions announced that their October 27-November 13 Internet auction will include Gibson's bat, batting helmet, home and road uniforms, World Series trophy and Most Valuable Award.

Gibson was not in attendance but we were shown a video. Gibson explains why he is letting go of these historic items.

"I was never really a collector," said Gibson, manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. "As I looked at it and I started thinking about where I am in my life, I don't want to have to worry about making sure these items are secure somewhere. I just felt like maybe it's time to let the people who do like to collect things and display them buy them and then take some of the proceeds and fund my foundation. I want to make sure those scholarships funds go on forever in my parents' names."

The proceeds from the World Series trophy and MVP award will be donated to the Kirk Gibson Foundation to continue his support of Michigan State University athletic programs and to help fund his partial scholarship programs at Clarkston (Mich.) High School and Waterford (Mich.) High School, in honor of his parents, who were educators at those schools.

David Kohler, SCP President said the following "SCP Auctions is honored and thrilled to be selected by Kirk Gibson to auction these items associated with one of the most famous home runs in World Series history. It was a miracle home run that created a storybook moment right out of a Hollywood script. We are confident the items from this iconic moment will generate huge interest from Dodgers fans and baseball and World Series collectibles buffs alive."

Gibson was asked why he was putting these items up for sale now.

Interestingly, over the ears, I've been to Detroit, I've owned several homes, went to Los Angeles, you buy more stuff. Went to Kansas City, more stuff. Pittsburgh, more stuff. Florida for spring training all those years, my 17 years as a pro, and I just acquired things from every year I played the game and I have this warehouse back in the state of Michigan that I've been bringing stuff home and putting it in the warehouse. The warehouse pretty much filled up last year, so I talked to my wife and said this warehouse is out of control, we've got to weed through all this stuff. I went through all my stuff, my furniture, everything, I kind of consolidated it and I was never really a collector.

In fact, I remember way back when I was a little kid my dad took me to a Tigers game, I was probably eight or nine years old maybe 10 and my dad said go down (near the field). There's Willie Horton, you know, go down there and get his autograph. I looked at my dad and said, 'I don't want it, you go get it.' That's just always kind of the way I was. I never really considered myself as a collector, but little did I know I'd have a lot of things I've collected over my big-league career.


Let me show you pictures that I shot.

Gibson's items that will be auctioned off.


1988 World Series Road Uniform. Signed. Pants and Jersey.


1988 World Series Game 1 Home Uniform. Jersey signed.


The Bat! Signed.


1988 World Series MVP Award.


Sorry about that, only shot the back of this 1988 World Series Trophy.


The helmet that Gibson used for Game 1. Signed.


I have more pictures and with more details. I will do that tonight when I get home. Right now, I'm in a Starbucks in Downtown L.A. I should leave before getting kicked out.

Oh, Tommy Lasorda was at the press conference. I have video of that. Should be able to upload that tonight or tomorrow.

Then sometime this week, I will post pictures of this amazing place. I'm not kidding, it's a remarkable place.

I'd like to thank all the guys at SCP Auctions for the oppurtunity to crash the place. Also, big thanks to Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News and Dodgers historian Mark Langill. Great people.

I'll have more on this. 

SCP Auctions {linked here}