Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hideo Nomo Nike Air Max NM Shoes

I love it how Nike respects players of the past. We've seen this before with Bo Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Nolan Ryan and now Hideo Nomo.

That's right, the Japanese trailblazer is being honored with a pair of sneakers next spring. Nomo's original Nike signature shoe is back, this time re branded as the Nike Air Max NM.

The Air Max NM Nomo will make a return in its original colorways during the spring of 2011. Seen here is the varsity red pair, pair red nubuck with black mesh “teeth” on the upper. The shoe is finished off with a maize-bubbled sole that you’ve probably seen on the Air Griffey Max 1. Look for this pair to hit retailers in February 2011.


(H/T Levi)

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