Friday, October 22, 2010

Fernando Nation - Two Thumps Up


The Dodgers and ESPN had a private event last night at Dodger Stadium to premiere the "30 for 30" film titled Fernando Nation. This past summer, the Dodgers supported the creation of the film directed by Cruz Angeles on the cultural impact of the great Fernando Valenzuela. "Fernando Nation" will air on ESPN Deportes on October 24 at 6pm and on ESPN on October 26 at 5pm.

I won't say much of the documentary since you won't see it until next week. I can say that I really did enjoy the film. There were certain things that I thought were left off but overall I thought Angeles did a great job.

The 50 minute or so film focuses on Valenzuela's big year of 1981. It also touches certain delicate subjects like the "Chavez Ravine" impact it had on Mexicans in the 1950's. Bobby Castillo, Orel Hershiser, Tommy Lasorda, Dodger scout Mike Brito are among the many guests that get interviewed.

I was worried that the film was not going to talk about Lasorda's relationship with Valenzuela. While it did not go into much details, it did focus on his shoulder and how Lasorda might be to blame for Valenzuela's downfall.

Valenzuela did arrive and seemed to be shy over all the fuss. You would think this was 1981 all over again with the media begging for his attention. It was quite a scene.

Let's go through the pictures...

Mariachi arrives. They were pretty good.

Dodger Stadium always looking great!

Media and Fernando

Fernando with the Mariachi

The family of Cruz Angeles and Fernando

Brito, Angeles, Valenzuela after the film.

I shot a couple of videos. I will upload those this weekend.

Watch the film on ESPN next week! You will enjoy it.

Thanks to Yvonne of the Dodgers for the invite. Had a great time! :)