Monday, October 25, 2010

ESPN "Fernando Nation" - Tomorrow!

One minute preview of "Fernando Nation". ESPN will air this documentary tomorrow at 5pm (Pacific Time)

Last Thursday, the Dodgers and ESPN had a event at Dodger Stadium to show the media the premiere of "Fernando Nation".

  • Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News has three links. Fernando and beyond: The history of Latino Baseball in L.A. {linked here} - Why we're all still part of 'Fernando Nation' {linked here} - How Fernando's Dodger arrival helped awake 'sleeping giant' {linked here}
  •  Jon Weisman has two recaps. Fernando's Smile {linked here} and Fernando Nation: A Babe Ruth for all {linked here}
  • Evan Drellich has a article for {linked here}
  • From the official site of ESPN 30 for 30. {linked here}
    • And in case you missed it, I wrote this last Friday {linked here
    Don't miss it!