Monday, October 11, 2010 announce prices! (My source was correct)

Well what do you know? have just announce the ticket prices. It's going to cost you more if you're planning on buying Top Deck or Left Field Pavilion seats. (like my source said) Other seats will remain the same or decrease.

Like I mentioned in my previous post {linked here}Top Deck and Left Field Pavilion customers weren't going to be happy. Top Deck is going up $ 6 bucks.

From {linked here}

The Dodgers announced 2011 season-ticket pricing Monday, with nearly 80 percent of stadium seat pricing staying the same or being reduced down for the fourth consecutive season. 

Following what the club explained as "an extensive review of ticketing prices and fans' use of season tickets," 60 percent of the stadium's season-ticket prices will stay the same, with approximately 20 percent declining and 20 percent increasing. The club held season-ticket prices flat following the 2007, '08 and '09 seasons.

Happy or not happy?

I find it interesting that they will raise it in Top Deck and the Left Field Pavilion when those seats are mostly bought by fans that cannot afford season tickets down in the field or lodge. If you're going to raise tickets, do it at the expensive section.

I do think that the Top Deck package is still a great deal. And I'm excited about the six Bobbleheads!

The team also expects its promotional schedule to be larger than in 2010, with a total of six bobblehead games, six half-price concessions days, four specialty caps and three fleece items.