Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10-19-10 Dodgertown Links

News around the web:

  •  You won't see this anywhere else! 2011 Dodgers promotional schedule {linked here}
  • J.A. Adande of ESPN wants Magic Johnson to buy the Dodgers. {ESPN L.A.}
  • The National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum pays tribute to Sandy Koufax. {Dodger Bobble}
  • Molly Knight has the latest on Frank & Jamie McCourt. {ESPN L.A.}
  • Seriously, another Dodgers and Angels comparisons article? I'm tired of that. The Dodgers are the Dodgers. The Angels are the Angels. Stop it. {L.A. Times
  • Ross, Victorino, Werth - Teammates with the Dodgers {MLB.com}
  • Tony Jackson reports the Dodgers are finalizing staff. {ESPN L.A.}