Thursday, October 7, 2010

10-7-10 Dodgertown Links (HIT MAN!)

Some interesting things for today...

  • MLB Webisodes. You might like this video. I did. Don Mattingly interview {}
  • A little late, but just in case you missed it. Kirk Gibson signs two year contract with Diamondbacks {Arizona Republic}
  • The Dodgers thank all the fans for their support {

I got a e-mail from Steve Yeager's kid.

Check out this application from Steve Yeager JR.

Well, my app is a GPS reminder app. You basically save custom locations that are deemed a quiet zone (church, school, work, golf course =), library, movies, etc etc), and the GPS runs in the background and tracks you. The GPS will compare with your saved locations and if you're within range of a saved location, you will get a text alert + vibration to decrease or mute your volume. It's kind of like a set it and forget it type of project.

Check it out in the app store:

Facebook Fan Page:

There have been a few press releases out as well :

Pix: Don Mattingly / Converse Promo ad from the 80's.