Monday, September 20, 2010

Viva Los Dodgers Recap: Signings, Bud Light Girls, Deuce, Music and more!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This was the 13th annual Viva Los Dodgers event. I feel embarrassed to say this but this is the first time that I witnessed this event. And I'm glad I went. I had a good time.

My recap...

I showed up at Dodger Stadium around 9:30. Parking gates were scheduled to open at 9:45am. I wanted to get there early. Since it was my first time, I didn't know what to expect.

Fans were already waiting.


I walked to Lot 6. A line was already forming. Doors to Viva Los Dodgers were to open at 10am. A security told us that we need game tickets to enter to the event. While security is checking my backpack, I take out my ticket but they never asked for it. So I guess we didn't need a ticket? Not sure.


Walking in, most fans went to the autograph booth to wait for the upcoming signings. I decided to skip that. I already have those guys so I just walked around  and see what the event is all about.

"Hey I read your blog, want to go to the Indian Bingo & Casino Tonight?" 


No thanks. Got other plans.... :)

Los Doyers Merchandise Stand. You knew they were going to be selling these shirts at this event.


Hey look! It's Deuce!


Look at that tattoo, Vin Scully! That's Dee, huge Dodger fan.


Bud Light Girls. Did you see them? Look, everyone is beautiful in their own way. I really do believe that. So please don't take this as something against these ladies.

Now you would think the Bud Light Girls would be these young attractive ladies, right? Dude, you are so wrong. What made me laugh is to see all these guys getting in line to take a picture with these models. Love sure is blind. You be the judge. Here is some pictures.


I think Bud Light brought their senior group. 40 year old models that passed their prime. You know, like Garrett Anderson. Except that Anderson hasn't gone through any plastic surgery and the organization released him. Bud Light needs to do the same.

Here's a attractive girl, Jessica Rosales. She's so sweet. I think I was blushing. Also Big Polo Ascencio was at the event. Good people! Check them out on Dodger Demand/Time Warner Cable!


I know Jaime Jarrin might not complain. But I will do it for him. How is it that every single person that is their to sign autographs is doing it under a tent and the great Jaime Jarrin is under the 100 degree sun? Hello? Heatstroke anyone?

Poor Jaime...Not sure if the blame goes to the Dodgers or Fox Sports en Espanol.


I even complained to Jaime's son, Jorge. He just smiled and said "I know". He was handling the line. Asking the fans to move the line quickly and only one item per fan. That's cool, helping his dad. Jaime was there for the full hour. Signing autographs under that sun.

Jorge, directing traffic like he does on the radio :)


Hello Fernando Valenzuela and Jimmy Campanis! Enjoying that great tent?


Valenzuela only stayed for about 25 minutes. Bobby Castillo came in from the bullpen to replace Valenzuela. Looks like Fernie had to get back to the stadium. He was being honored before the game.


Al Ferrara signing autographs.


The Music:

Yolanda Perez


Dulce Maria


Other pictures...


I don't know who this kid is but he did deserve a spot in the stage.


 Polo interviewing fans:

Jessica does the same:


The end. I had a good time! I can't compare this event to the other ones since I never went. But I thought it was a good event. I'll be there next year.

I did meet some of you! My attempt to remember...

Shout-outs to Armando, Ronny, Jose (thanks for the ride to my car!) Yako, Ryan, Daniel, William, Steve, Gilbert, and to everyone else!


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