Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Team Race!

Yes, it's a three team race to win the National League Division. The Padres, Giants and Rockies will be battling it out until the end of the season. The Dodgers are too far behind to consider them a legit contender.

The Padres started off so well this season that a current ten game losing streak hasn't moved them from their 1st place position.

But the Giants and Rockies are catching up.

San Diego 76 59 .563 -
San Franscisco 76 61 .555 1.0
Colorado 72 64 .529 4.5
Los Angeles 69 68 .504 8.0
Arizona 56 81 .409 21.0

As a Baseball fan it's going to be excited to see who wins this division. The Padres are going down so quickly that I wouldn't be surprise if the Rockies catch up.

With the Dodgers losing two out of three games this weekend against the Giants pretty much sums up this season.

The Dodgers starts a three game series tonight in San Diego. One can hope for a sweep. But even that, it doesn't really do much. Think about it, they sweep the Padres, which means they will now be five games back. But what about the Rockies and Giants? It's not a one team race. You got other teams. It's just sad that the Dodgers are not going to be part of this race.