Monday, September 27, 2010

Steve Garvey Is Not My Padre

Steve Garvey

I'm 100% sure.

I made a visit to Dodger Stadium last Saturday to check out this Mazda event. {linked here}

It was good. I arrived when the event was about to start, which was at 12pm. Fans had the opportunity to test drive a couple of Mazda cars and receive a $25 gas card and meet Steve Garvey.

I didn't test any cars. I didn't want to hurt anyone.

Mazda cars

The racing track at Dodger Stadium.

Around twenty fans showed up. I bet if this was the 80's, thousands of fans would've gone. But no, we're in 2010 and only twenty fans showed up.


I brought two items to get signed. First item is a Garvey bobblehead. One of my favorites. It's heavy and if you touch the little ball, it sings "Take me out to the ballgame". Cool huh?

The second item is a old statue. It's made from "Sports Impressions". Only 2599 Garvey statues were made. How many hits did Garvey have in his career? Yup, 2599 hits! This item was produced back in 1990.


I've had these items for many years now that I just forget to get it signed. Especially the statue. I've had that thing forever. I saw it the other day and wrote it down in a notepad to remember that if Garvey does a event, take that! I'm telling you, I have a bad memory.


Garvey was nice enough to sign everything. But of course, not many fans showed up.


A video of Garvey signing my items:

Big thanks to Garvey, Mazda, KABC 790, and the Los Angeles Dodgers for hosting this event! And thanks to those that said hello. It was nice meeting some of you! :)