Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seattle Pilots / Ball Four Event

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Baseball Reliquary presented "Ball Four Turns Forty" at Burbank Central Library. If you're a Baseball geek like myself, you will enjoy this post.

Last Saturday was a special day-long celebration of one of the great books in American literature, Jim Bouton's Ball Four, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of it's publication. Part of the event was also about the 1969 Seattle Pilots and their only season in MLB.

It was a six hour event so my whole day was spent at a library. It was worth it though.

Jim Bouton and Ron Shelton


The first part of the program was about Jim Bouton and his book. The panel featured Bouton and filmmaker Ron Shelton, who's directing and writing credits include Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump, Cobb, and the latest ESPN documentary Jordan Rides The Bus.

The Panel.

The panel touched several subjects. Let me start with these quotes from Bouton:

"I would forget my daily activities and what I did on a certain date. I would write everything in a notepad. That's how I wrote this book"

"We need Baseball Reliquary. I rather be in the Baseball Reliquary than the Baseball Hall of Fame. Marvin Miller is not there"

"It bothers me that public funding is used for new stadiums. George Steinbrenner did use public funding for new Yankee stadium"

"Bronx is the poorest county in New York and Bronx does not benefit having the Yankees their"

"I laugh at people that mentions Steinbrenner as a Hall of Famer"

Controversial huh? Didn't have nice things to say about old George. After the verbal attacks, Bouton signed my book.

Jim Bouton

Ron Shelton was more controversial.

"Greenies are like a couple of Red Bulls, not steroids"

"Don't talk to me about loyalty. Look at Walter O'Malley who traded Jackie Robinson to the Giants"

"I'm working on a new film. Game of Shadows book. Script is done. We need a lot of footage from MLB. They don't want to give it to us"

"I'm struggling with budget issues on another Baseball film. It's about a star player with the New York Yankees. Plays in Mexican League. Title is Our Lady of the Ballpark"


Greg Goossen - A really nice guy that had many stories to tell. He could write a book too with all the stories that he has.

Greg Goossen

After this, we watched a movie about the 1969 Seattle Pilots. Exciting huh? No but seriously, it was a nice film about the Pilots. It was so nice that I bought the dvd.


After the movie, another panel came up to discuss the Seattle Pilots 1969 season. Tommy Davis, Greg Goossen and Bouton were in the building. They shared stories about the Pilots.


After the event, Davis, Goossen and Bouton signed "Ball Four" Books and DVD's.


It was a nice event.

More info can be found in the following links:

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After the event ended, I checked out the Pilots memorabilia they had on display.


Good times!