Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hong-Chih Kuo plays catch with fans (Pictures and Video)

I wasn't planned on going to yesterdays game. But since I was in the area and wasn't going to do anything until 3:30pm, might as well go since it was a 12pm game. The game was bad. Dodgers lost. But the great moments happened before the game.

By the way, everyone rejected my invitation to go to the game. They said "No Roberto, there is something called WORK that does not let us go to a 12pm Wednesday game". Geez, sorry! So I went solo. 

Caught up with several Dodgers warming up and they were talkative with the fans on this particular afternoon. As a matter of fact, not only were they so friendly on this day, they wanted to play ball with the fans. Well All-Star pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo did!

Pictures: The first one is Hong-Chih Kuo about to play catch with a fan. Behind him is Dodgers interpreter Kenji Nimura.

Hey you! Let's play catch. Kenji doesn't want to play with me. All he wants to do is talk about Hiroki Kuroda!


Ah okay, I'll play catch!


Nice throw fan


That's nothing! Here comes my fastball!


Dodgers trainer Stan Conte screaming at Kuo "What the hell are you doing with your fragile arm?"


Don't tell Torre!


#32 Carrillo also got into the act. Heard he might be our new Left Fielder next year.


Kuo signs autographs. Just a normal day at the park.


The fans were amazed. A kid even got the chance to do it. I shot these pictures but didn't think about shooting a video. Luckily a fan that reads this blog was there and filming. (Thanks K.C. for sending it!)

This went on for a good two minutes. K.C. only caught the last 25 seconds. We were just surprised that Kuo was doing this. I didn't think about shooting pictures until the middle of it.

Thanks K.C., Jesse (#32 Carrillo) and Christian (black shirt with the 99 MPH)

And thanks to Kuo for the great time and giving the fans something to laugh about! :)