Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fan Pix: L.A. Fair Dodger Day Recap (Bruce)

Fredy wrote a great recap on Dodger Day. {linked here} Now comes another great recap, this time by Bruce!

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Hey Roberto

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing blog. It is because of your blog that I have once again started going to autograph signings. I see your posts about upcoming signings and it is great that you post these. I went earlier this year to the John Ely Signing and it went great. Then there was the James Loney signing in Bell and we all know how that came out. UGH nightmare of a day.  So when I saw your post about “Dodger Day” at the LA fair I was a little unsure because of my experience at the Loney signing.

However when I saw Fernando Valenzuela was going to be there I had to go. I made arrangements to work early and be off by 1:00pm. Headed straight for Pomona from West LA after work and was surprised at how little traffic. I was at the fairgrounds by 2:15. I was really surprised the line was so short. Maybe the fact that that school was back in session and it was a Thursday had something to do with the few fans arriving early. I met so many nice Dodger Fans in-line. I met Dodger Bobble, Memories of Kevin Malone and another fan who has a booth at Frank and Sons. Forgive me forgetting his name. It was so much fun talking Dodger baseball and sports in general, it made the nearly 5 ½ hour wait worth it.

I already had Steve Garvey and Steve Sax autograph’s from previous meetings and once they started to split lines for all four players I did not move out of the Fernando line. I did not want to chance it by getting in Maury Wills line. I think it was during Fernando Mania that I really started to realize what baseball was about. I was 15 at the time and really started to take notice due in large part to Fernando Mania.. How can that be 30 years ago already.

So it came to about 7:30 and finally the Fernando line started to move. I brought the baseball I was going to have Loney sign in Bell.  Once I got to the table where Fernando was I asked him to Sign the Sweet Spot on the ball and he complied. I then got to shake his hand and thank him for his time. I walked off the stage and put the ball back in the cube it came it and hung around the area for a little while. He was so nice and friendly in person. He said hello to everybody and was dressed really nice. It is really refreshing to see that there are still some nice ball players out there. I did not bring a camera but that is ok just meeting him and getting the ball signed was enough for me. He finished about 9:00 and I walked around the fair for a little while and headed home. It was an extremely long day getting up for work at 4am and then trucking it out to Pomona standing in line for a while then the very quick 55 minute drive home and arriving home from Pomona at about 10 pm.

But all in all it was a very worth while and fun day. I finally got to me one of my very favorite Dodgers in person and add a real nice autograph to my collection. Again thank you Roberto for your amazing blog. Keep up the great work.

 September 9th 2010 will be a day I will not soon forget. Very fun day.

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What a great story Bruce! I'm glad you enjoyed your day and thanks for reading this blog! I appreciate the support. :)