Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dodgers visit Big Texas

It's a good thing the Dodgers are out of California. They are not doing anything here anyways. The Dodgers open a four game series against the Houston Astros tonight.

Flying back from Boston to L.A. last June, we had to change planes in Houston. It was a short break but I did eat pancakes at the airport. They were so good! The only problem was a statue of George Bush Sr that kept looking at me. I'm not kidding. I was cold and asked Bush if he can lend me his "flying coat". He didn't respond. How rude...

I did show this picture to my dad who voted for him twice. "Buen hombre".

Like I said, he's loyal to the Republicans {linked here}

I think the only thing I'm looking forward to this series is John Lindsey. His family will be in Houston. {linked here}