Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dodgers Promo Staff already thinking about 2011

The Dodgers want to know.

Do you find any of these items interesting? I have no idea what a Soccer scarf is. Maybe I should Google it. Snuggie? No! Floppy Hat? No! Chip and Dip Platter? I think you can find those in the 99 cents stores...

I do wonder what a Mini-Bobblehead is all about. I would be interested in that. I would even take a Dodgers Build a Bear. Those are nice.

I'm only asking one thing and that's all. The Dodgers *HAVE TO* give away a Hong-Chih Kuo Bobblehead next year.

That's it. It has to happen. Make it happen Mr. Benko!

Back in June, I posted pictures of a mini statue of Kuo. Check it out! {linked here}

Pix: AP - Kuo