Friday, September 3, 2010

Did the Dodgers trademark "Los Doyers" ?

I have a question for you. Did the Los Angeles Dodgers trademark the following words "Los Doyers". I ask because I saw something at Dodger Stadium last Wednesday that I had never seen before. Heck, maybe I'm late on this but this is new to me. As you know, you can buy a "Los Doyers" shirt at the local mall, at the L.A. streets, swap meets, Tyrone from Sunset blvd, anywhere.

What does "Los Doyers" mean? It just means "The Dodgers". Simple as that. If you ask my mom to say "Dodgers", she will say "Doyers".

That's it. Well last Wednesday while watching the Phillies kill the Dodgers, I decided to take a walk to the Team Store by the LFP. I walked in and see this shirt.....

Los Doyers

Since when did the Dodgers started to sell this shirt? Don't tell me they have been selling it for years now. Because that's not true. I've seen "Dogers" shirts being sold at Dodger Stadium before. I've seen "Los Dodgers" shirts. But never have I seen "Los Doyers" shirts being sold at the park. Only Tyrone has that product down the street.

So what happened? Did the Dodgers actually trademark the words "Los Doyers"?

This shirt is manufactured by Majestic Athletic. It is licensed by MLB. I believe it was around 25 bucks. Tyrone can sell it around 15 bucks. He might have a "2 for 20" deal.

Update me on this. I'm truly fascinated by it. I have asked a couple of buddies and they all told me they have never seen "Los Doyers" shirt at Dodger Stadium.

But the proof is right there. It's on sale now at Dodger Stadium.