Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who wants L.A. Fair tickets?

The Los Angeles County Fair treated me really nice. They were nice enough to give me ten tickets to give away for free here!

Dodger Day is September 9 (Thursday) Need details on Autograph Schedule? Click here.

Who wants to go? I'll give away two (2) tickets right now! Since Fernando Valenzuela is scheduled to be there, let's do a Valenzuela trivia.

Please only participate if you can go! Thanks.

3 easy questions!

How many No-Hitters did Valenzuela toss?

What was Valenzuela's jersey # while playing for the Dodgers?

In what year did Valenzuela receive the Rookie of the Year award?

That's it! The first person to e-mail me (You should know the e-mail by now) a picture of themselves wearing a Dodger hat and answers these 3 questions correctly wins! Good luck.

Game is about to start. :)

Oh, I will be giving away more tickets tomorrow. It won't be announced on Facebook or Twitter, so check often if you want to win tickets!

Don't worry if I don't reply to your e-mails right away. I will later tonight!

*California residents only. Big thanks to Sharon and all the L.A. County Fair staff!