Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome Zach Lee

This is great news! After everyone thought this was a wasted pick, Zach Lee decides to sign with the Dodgers. Big blow for the LSU Football program. Congrats Logan White, Dodgers organization and Lee!


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers signed right-handed pitcher Zach Lee, their first-round pick (28th overall) out of McKinney (Texas) High School, pending a physical. Assistant General Manager, Scouting Logan White made the announcement.

“I’m ecstatic for Zach, his family and for the entire Dodger organization,” said White. “We’re bringing an outstanding talent into the fold. I have tremendous confidence in this young man and it’s clear that he signed because he has a lot of faith in the Dodgers and in their tradition of developing young pitchers.”

Lee, a 6-foot-4, 195-pounder will leave Louisiana State University, where he was enrolled as a quarterback, and focus solely on baseball.

The 18-year-old won 11 games with a 2.15 ERA and 90 strikeouts during his senior season at McKinney High and throws three different pitches for strikes, including an effective breaking pitch and changeup. Lee entered the draft as the 14th-best right-handed pitcher and ranked 29th overall among draft-eligible prospects according to Baseball America.

Earlier today, the Dodgers signed 11th-round selection Joc Pederson and 26th-round pick Scott Schebler to give them a total of 30 of their 50 selections from the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, including nine of their top 10 selections and 13 of their top 15. A full list of the club’s signings is below:

Round (Overall)   Player                                     Pos.         School                                                    DOB                       Club
1 (28)                     Zachary Lee                         RHP       McKinney (TX) High School             9/13/91
2 (78)                     Ralston Cash                        RHP       Lakeview Academy (GA)                  8/20/91                  AZL Dodgers
3 (109)                   Leon Landry                        OF           Louisiana State University                9/20/89                  Ogden
4 (142)                   James Baldwin III               OF           Pinecrest High School (NC)               10/10/91               AZL Dodgers
5 (172)                   Jake Lemmerman               SS           Duke University (NC)                         5/4/89                    Ogden   
7 (232)                   Ryan Christenson                LHP        South Mountain CC (AZ)                  1/11/89                  Great Lakes
8 (262)                   Michael Dean                       1B           Louisiana State University                2/25/88                  Ogden                   
9 (292)                   Steven Domecus                  OF           Virginia Tech                                        6/29/87                  Ogden
10 (322)                 Robert Coyle                        OF           Fresno State University (CA)             3/6/89                    Ogden
11 (352)                 Joc Pederson                         OF           Palo Alto (CA) High School               4/21/92
12 (382)                 Matthew Kirkland               3B           South Doyle High School (TN)         3/13/91                  AZL Dodgers
13 (412)                 Jesse Bosnik                         SS           St. Bonaventure University (NY)      7/23/88                  Ogden
14 (442)                 Alex Mcree                           LHP        University of Georgia                          6/18/88                  *retired
16 (502)                 Andrew Pevsner                   LHP        Johns Hopkins University (MD)       10/15/88               Ogden
17 (532)                 Logan Bawcom                   RHP       University of Texas Arlington           11/2/88                  Ogden
21 (652)                 Noel Cuevas                         OF           Inter American University (PR)        10/2/91                  AZL Dodgers
23 (712)                 BJ Larosa                              C             Bucknell University (PA)                    4/28/88                  AZL Dodgers
24 (742)                 Andrew Edge                        C             Jacksonville State University (AL)   12/31/87               AZL Dodgers
25 (772)                 Jeremy Gilmore                    OF           Coastal Carolina University (SC)     4/1/87                    AZL Dodgers
26 (802)                 Scott Schebler                      OF           Des Moines Area CC (IA)                  10/6/90
27 (832)                 Yimy Quiepo-Rodriguez    RHP       Peru State College (NE)                      9/1/87                    AZL Dodgers
28 (862)                 Mike Drowne                        OF           Sacred Heart University (CT)            7/28/88                  AZL Dodgers
                29 (892)                 John Patterson                     RHP       Southwestern Oklahoma St. Univ.   5/11/87                  Ogden
                30 (922)                 Shawn Tolleson                   RHP       Baylor University (TX)                       1/19/88                  Ogden
                31 (952)                 Derek Cone                           RHP       Mesa CC (AZ)                                      6/20/90                  AZL Dodgers
                32 (982)                 Devon Ethier                        OF           Gateway CC (AZ)                               6/4/90                    AZL Dodgers
                34 (1042)              Joe Lincoln                           C             Missouri Southern University            9/16/88                  Ogden
                35 (1072)              Beau Brett                            1B           University of Southern California    7/14/90                  AZL Dodgers
                39 (1192)              Steven Matre                        RHP       College of Mount Saint Joseph (OH)     5/21/88                  AZL Dodgers
                46 (1402)              Bret Montgomery                RHP       Cal. St. Dominguez Hills                    8/6/85                    Ogden