Friday, August 27, 2010

Sports Illustrated: Rare Vin Scully Shots

Sports Illustrated has a great collection of rare Vin Scully photos. {linked here} Here's one of Scully and President Ronald Reagan in the broadcast booth during the 1989 All-Star game in Anaheim. Reagan was the 40th President of the United States. (1981-1989)

My dad is a big Reagan fan. Anytime I see a Reagan picture, I think about my dad. It's weird, he's a republican and I'm a democrat. Typical Cubans, they are loyal to the republicans because they claim John F. Kennedy failed to kill Fidel Castro. It's also odd because my dad is Jewish and most Jews are liberals and agree with democrats.

My dad came to this country in 1962. Just imagine, 1962! The first year that Dodger Stadium opened.

My dad has all these books, movies and photos that he has found in 99 cents store. When Reagan died, he made me go to the new stand and grab all the L.A. Times editions. I told you, big Reagan fan.

Make sure you check out that link. Great shots of Scully.

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