Thursday, August 19, 2010

Notes - 12 games back -

  • The Matt Kemp bashing campaign continues. T.J. Simers barely caught news on the Heart and Hustle Award? Maybe he reads my blog :) Once again, I disagree with Simers. It's just the year to blame Kemp. It started last April when in fact, Kemp was playing some great ball. You know what's more funny? Most of my readers jumped on the "Bash Kemp" wagon. {L.A. Times}
  • Manny Ramirez (remember him?) might be ready next week. For Rafael Furcal? Not ready. {}
  • Andre Ethier grills hot dogs for the homeless {}
Pix: AP

We're 12 games back! I have no idea why I wrote 8 games back. Maybe I was dreaming? Wow. Thanks to the 873487362 e-mails to let me know. No I wasn't asleep when I wrote this post...