Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nike Shoes: Andruw Jones "Air Jordan 3 Turf"

I'm sure you know that the Dodgers are still paying Andruw Jones. Just this year the Dodgers are going to pay more than $3 million dollars. Another team that's paying Jones a lot of money is the shoe company, Nike. He's one of those rare baseball players that has a contract with "Team Jordan". I bet he signed a long term deal with Nike since the days he played for the Atlanta Braves. That's when everyone said he was a sure bet for the Hall of Fame. Wow, how things changed.

The shoes do look nice!

Air Jordan 3 Turf "Andruw Jones Edition" You won't see these in the market. Extremely rare! That's a shame, it does look nice. Except the silver colors, I do like these shoes.

Pictures via Nike {linked here}

Pix of me and Jones at a Nike event a couple of years ago {linked here}

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