Sunday, August 15, 2010

My trip to Yankee Stadium

June 16, 2010 Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

I'm not sure what happened. Never got around to post pictures of Yankee Stadium. As you recall, before heading to Fenway Park to catch the Dodgers against the Red Sox in Boston, we stopped in New York for a couple of days. (You can use the search box on top and type 'Fenway Park' to see the posts again)

In our 2nd day in New York, we caught a Yankees/Phillies game. I know Dodger fans will be upset with me for what I'm about to say but just remember, I'm being honest and it's my opinion.


I'm sorry. But I did. It's an amazing place. This is my first trip to New York so I never got the chance to check out Old Yankee Stadium. I can't compare them. Let me show you pictures. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with 20,000 pictures, this is all you need to see.

Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx, not that close from our hotel near Times Square. So we had to get the Subway. Which is not that big of a deal. After reading reviews on tourist sites, people make it sound as if you're going to get killed. I actually enjoyed the rides. Easy to get around too! By the way, John Rocker lied. I didn't see any scary people. Unique yes, but not scary. :)


Off the Subway, we see this. So sad...

Old Yankee Stadium. New Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium

Babe Ruth Plaza

Inside Yankee Stadium is amazing. It's huuuuuuuuuuuuge.

Elevators were everywhere... 16 to be exact! Yes, 16 elevators! Dodger Stadium has 1. Uno!

Another shot from the inside.


I stayed away from the bar:


If you remember, I asked you if I should wear my Dodger hat at Yankee Stadium. {linked here} Most of you said "Take it!" Which I did. No problems at all. I'm serious. I ran into some great Yankees and Phillies fans. Some did ask what I was doing in New York and I just said "Checking out NY before watching my Dodgers at Fenway Park". People were great. The Phillies defeated the Yankees on this night.

There are more pictures, maybe I'll create a set on Flickr and put them there if anyone wants to see them. But I have to write another post. I need to share some pictures of a mini museum that Yankee Stadium has. The Dodgers need to do this! I'll try to write the post later this week. So stay tuned.

Oh, not sure why, we enjoyed the city of Boston more than New York City. We did almost everything we wanted to do in both cities. Most of the tourist stuff were great but it's just too crowded in NY. I don't see myself going back unless the Dodgers make a visit :) Which hasn't happened. I will never understand the inter-league schedule!


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