Monday, August 16, 2010

Matt Kemp has a heart....and hustles too!

I've been defending Matt Kemp all year that it's getting to the point where people think I will never say anything negative about him. Not true at all. I've said it before, he's having a good year but not one that you would expect from him. He can do better, no question about it.

Interesting note that I received from reader Steve. Matt Kemp is nominated for the "Heart and Hustle Award". (I can hear the jokes now, please stop)

So what's this "Heart and Hustle Award" all about?

The Alumni Association created the Heart & Hustle Award in 2005, voted on by Alumni Major League players and presented annually to an active player who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit, and traditions of the game.

The 2010 Heart and Hustle Award will be presented at the 11th Annual Legends for Youth Dinner on Nov. 5 in New York City. This year will mark the sixth time the MLBPAA has given this award. Each team selects a recipient before the overall winner is announced. The team finalists are listed below.

Each team selects a recipient? Interesting since I thought the coaches think Kemp can hustle more and show some heart?

Past Heart & Hustle Award Winners
2009 — Albert Pujols
2008 — Grady Sizemore
2007 — Craig Biggio
2006 — Craig Biggio
2005 — David Eckstein

More info by clicking here.