Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jackie Robinson Statue

This is a solid-wood, life-sized, hand-carved statue of Jackie Robinson. It's six feet high and is life size in all details. It weighs 273 pounds and it's solid wood. It's all wood! It took sculptor/carver Brian Birrer from New Jersey over 900 hours to hand craft this statue of the great Jackie Robinson. It looks beautiful.

Brian started working on this statue December, 2008 and finished October, 2009.

I was able to exchange a couple of e-mails with Brian. He told me that the Robinson Statue made an appearance for the Washington Nationals last April for "Jackie Robinson Day" at Nationals Park.   

His dream? To make an appearance at Dodger Stadium for "Jackie Robinson Day". For him it would be an honor to have the statue visit Dodger Stadium on that day since Jackie Robinson was a big part of Dodgers history.

For now, he's in contact with the Negro League Baseball Hall of Fame in Kansas City and there is a good chance that it will end up there.

Don't worry about the blue color. According to Brian, the Dodger blue is lighter in the photo than in person.
The Dodger Blue is lighter in the photo than in
Take the time to view this video. It's a remarkable thing to see how he works on this piece. Everything is wood: The shoes; the clothes; the hat; the face; everything! The making of Jackie Robinson...

Also view more pictures by visiting his blogs {linked here and here}

I will have another post on this later this week.