Monday, August 23, 2010

Fan Pix: Valenzuela @ West Covina Mall

E-mail from Marissa:

(Last Saturday)

It's 7:15 am at the Westfield in West Covina when we were told we can't use our own folding chairs to wait in line to see Fernando Valenzuela. What type of crap is that?! My brother asked what's the reason, security replied "I'm only following orders, you can speak to management." I have gone to signings before and I have never been asked to put my chair away, and stand to wait in line for 4 hours. Never mind me, notice the older lady in line I feel bad for her and other elderly people that are in line, which I'm sure there is cause it's for Fernando! In my opinion it's just ridiculous. 

I didn't hear another reason why they didn't let us use the chairs. Everything did turn out well after that. Fernando Valenzuela was very friendly and talkative and I enjoyed watching him sign our items cautiously. When we walked out, about a 100 people didn't get to go in... Here is a picture of my daughter Maddy having a conversation with him.


That's very odd. I've never been to a signing before where they tell us to not use our chairs. Must be a city violation? Who knows. I was at this mall last year for a Jonathan Broxton event and I don't remember security enforcing this rule.

But glad you were able to get your items signed and get a nice picture of Maddy and Fernando! Thanks Marissa! :)

I will be posting pictures of Matt Kemp's appearance at Verizon Store in City of Commerce. That's coming up soon!