Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fan Pix: Matt Kemp's Autograph Tattoo

E-mail from Karolyn:

Hello Roberto, 

I was also there last Saturday at City of Commerce in Verizon and I got Matt Kemp to sign my bobblehead and sign my arm. This is what it looked like when he signed it and the other picture is when I tattooed it that day right over the marker.

This is my tattoo of Kemp's autograph he signed on Saturday. I had the "LA" tattoo already.

This is the 2nd pix. I got the tattoo done at Twilight Tattoos in Lynwood that same day.

I think Kemp was surprised because he was going to do it on my right arm and I said "no I want it under my L.A. tattoo because I got love for the Dodgers." And he did it! I don't think he thought I was or anyone else was going to ask him to sign their arm and I told him I was going to tattoo it and I did. I got two autographs! Thank you Roberto. Dodger fan for life right here. 

All I can say is that you are one crazy fan. In a good way. You're crazy in a good way! Thanks Karolyn for the pictures and story!  :)