Monday, August 23, 2010

Autographs: Matt Kemp @ City of Commerce - Rihanna didn't arrive...

I wasn't going to this event. As you already know, Rafael Furcal was scheduled to sign here. I didn't need anything from Furcal. He has already signed the items that I needed. So I thought I was going to wake up late. I was wrong. Late Friday night, Furcal's appearance was canceled and they replaced him with Matt Kemp! I got so many items signed by Kemp too that I wasn't going to go. But then I remember about the new Bobbleheads. Then I started to think what if the Dodgers do something really stupid and trade him during the off-season? Might as well get him now just in case!

I arrived early. Don't ask me what time.... It was so early that the whole neighborhood was asleep. After taking a nap in the street and praying nobody shoots me, I woke up and noticed this banner.

They took it down when the opened the store at 7am. Kemp was scheduled to appear at 12pm. The "Zac Efron" look-a-like tried to cut in the vip line. The guy with the Dodgers hat. The employee saw him and told him to get in the regular line. Fans claim it was Efron. I have no idea.


Front entrance to the store. This is also where I was seating.


Verizon employees and security trying to control the line. They wanted a single line. Not so easy as you can see.


Verizon wristbands were given around 10am.


Back of the line. There was a lot of fans but it did not compare to the event where James Loney was at. The one at Metro PCS in Bell had twice as much fans. Honestly. {linked here}


More security than Prez. Obama? Security waiting for Kemp.


No limo? Kemp arrives (white car)


Video: Kemp arrives. Fans scream for Rihanna?

Security telling the fans to put our cameras away. Huh? No cameras?


Girls going crazy...


Never mind, guys were going crazy too...


VIP line went first. That line had about 30 fans. Shot this picture when we were allowed to go inside. A security said no cameras inside. I said "No pictures of him signing? I understand no pictures with him". They said "No pictures at all". That's weird. I've been to hundreds and hundreds of events and I have never gone through this experience. Well I did go to a event where Vladimir Guerrero was signing late last year. But they said it was because Guerrero is an extremely shy person and the flash of the camera hurts his eyes. Or something like that :/ 

But no, I have never seen this before besides the Guerrero event. I started to think if this was a rule enforced by Verizon or Kemp. So I put my camera away...


When I gave Kemp the Bobbleheads, I told him to ignore the negative stories and to stop thinking to much while he's batting. He said "I'm good man, thanks". I took out the camera and started shooting on video mode...

Hoping that no one noticed. Started recording towards the end of meeting him. But it's something.

Mission accomplished!


I never stay. I leave right away after getting the autographs. This what I saw. A couple of buddies told me hundreds of fans got nothing...


Shout-out to Yako, Josh, David, Ana, Armando, Chuy, Kathy, Andrea, Ronnie, Wagner, Hender, Lilly, Manny, Liz, Simon, Michael the kid.... and I'm sorry, I can't remember who else I met. But I appreciate the greetings! Especially from Kathy, what a nice lady! :)