Saturday, August 7, 2010

Autographs: Jonathan Broxton

August 7, 2010. Sports Authority. Burbank, California.

Jonathan Broxton made an appearance this afternoon at Sports Authority in Burbank. It was scheduled for 11am. When I arrived at this shopping center, I noticed it was in the same site where George Sherrill signed autographs last year at a Staples store. {linked here}

On this blog post, you will meet the "Terrible Father of the year". Read on...

This was a huge place! I've been to Dick's Sporting goods before but Sports Authority is big. The line started at the front of the store. Around 8am, the manager of the store asked us to go inside. I was happy. It was so warm. But then we found out we were just going outside again but in the backside...

Front side.

Back side.

I deciced to go back inside the store and check it out.

Avertisement. It didn't help much. It was crowded but nothing like the James Loney event {linked here}


What's the difference?

Ugly hats.

Too much Yankees stuff.

Too much Angels stuff.

I saw this rack. Full of Dodgers merchandise. But too much Manny Ramirez items. Please stop.


I got in trouble with a employee. "You can't take pictures here!".

I told her "Actually, you should take this rack outside. You would be selling!".

I got out of the store. Walked out and went back in line. Guess what? She listened to me! They took the rack outside!


They made some serious money. Ball cases, Baseball cards, stickers, mini bats, Mickey Mouse All-Star Figurines were sold! You see! I know how things work.


Crowd Shots

It was 10 minutes away from 11am. I decided to get the Bobbleheads out to get them signed.


Then I hear a fan screaming "Who wants a Broxton Bobblehead, get them here". He had a blue bag with about 10 boxes of Broxton Bobbleheads. He was doing this in front of Sports Authority employees and security. This is a big no. You just can't do that. He wasn't even trying to hide the stuff and ask people quietly. He went out and yelled :)


It's cool if you're trying to make some extra cash. Who cares. I know a lot of fans that to go these events to sell items. But they do it the right way. Okay, it might not be the right way because they should never be selling but you get my point.

The employees noticed and asked him very nicely to stop it. The gentleman responded "Why, who are you? I'm not selling". He went on and on and on. He had this conversation with a couple of employees right behind me. I thought to myself, he should stop arguing and just leave or else they might call the cops.


While they were talking, one of the employees asked him "By the way, are you in line?"

He responded "Yeah I'm with my friends right here".

Which was a lie. The so called "friends" didn't even defend him. He was trying to cut right behind us.

The security told him to stop selling items and to go at the end of the line. This went on for a few more minutes. Back and forth of "They are my friends, I'm not selling" stories. Security handled everything perfectly. Telling him it's not fair for the rest of the fans that arrived early. He got mad and said "okay okay, I'm gone".

Got his blue bag and left.

I did not notice that this man was with his young son. Security asked the kid if that was his father. He said "yes". Employees called the cops since the father left the kid all alone. I'm assuming that the father thought he was going to get away by having his son in line to get Broxton's autograph and he thought it would be okay to hide in the car.

Just a guess here, the kid was about 10 to 12 years old. 

I cropped the picture on purpose. Did not want to post his face.

Since the signing was about to start, I didn't get all the details but from what I heard on their walkie-talkies, they did call the cops and they tried to look for the father in the parking lot. No news. The kid was their alone holding a Broxton Bobblehead in his hand. Wanting to get an autgraph. The employees had him sit in the grass while they tried to look for his father.

I got inside the store. I noticed the kid did not enter the store. I got more on this towards the end of the post.

Broxton arrived in time. The line was moving quickly since he rarely speaks to the fans. He does stop for a couple of seconds to spit out his chewing tobacco.


This is him holding a bottle where he spits it out. Nasty! Oh by the way, the lady you see in the background is the district manager of this store. That's her calling the cops...


A video I shot of Broxton signing...

It was a good day. Got my items signed and left the store. I did want to go back to find out what happened to the kid. But I couldn't go back. Employees were strict about where you were going.

I left. While getting out of the shopping center, I noticed the cops did arrive. No sign of the kid or father. I wonder what happened?


As you can see, a lot of fans were still waiting. I hope everyone got their signatures!


About to enter the freeway and noticed more cops. Maybe looking for the terrible father? So if you see him, report him to the Burbank Police Department!


If you have an update on this, let me know! Maybe one of my readers were there till the end.

I almost forgot! Thanks everyone for saying hi. You know who you are. I appreciated it!



Anonymous said...

Good stuff Roberto. I was going to the one in Torrance this morning but woke up too late lol.

QY said...

Hi, there! Having 2 sons of my own, I'm going to be thinking of that kid now. Please let us know anything you find out.

Thanks for your cool blog!

A. D.
Santa Barbara

Dodgerbobble said...

I had a great time out there in Burbank with my sons. I know a lot of people didn't get to meet Brox. I would say at least 200 or 300 people.

Mr. Carter said...

Hey Robert, I did see the cops. We did not know what was going on. But now we know because your blog. The cops were talking to the employees and just taking notes.

oh and I barely made it. One of the last ones. A lot of people showed up after 11am.

Dodgerbobble said...

BTW, I would be so embarassed if that was my father. What a douchebag.

KidCuba said...

If I was the district manager I would have called the cops on Broxton instead, and had him arrested for posing as a closer.

Greg Zakwin said...

^^^^ FAIL

Viva Los Doyers said...

We got there at about 9:30 a.m. and waited in line and they closed the doors on us before 12! It was messed up because we were about 8 people away from entering the door. The crowd started to chant for Broxton and asked for about 10 more minutes. The line moved very slow and was sometimes standing still.....very disappointing. Even this old lady in a walker kicked the door!

Roberto Baly said...

@ JesRey - Thank you.

@ QY - I will, as if now, no update. Thanks! :)

@ dodgerbobble - You were there? Missed you. I will look for you next time. Glad you made it! :)

@ PaperBoy - Glad you made it :)

@ KidCuba - Hahaha :) btw, enjoying your blog.

@ Greg - Yes!

@ Viva Los Doyers - Oh that's sad. Yeah now I'm getting word that a lot of people missed out.

karina said...

Great post, Roberto, but I have a question:

did they give you a commision for the great marketing advice? ;)

Roberto Baly said...

haha no! I wish! :)

researched47 said...

hey whats up Roberto. I got there around 9:15 and just made it inside before they closed the doors. Everyone that was outside was kicking and knocking on the door. But once inside some people went by the resroom and snuck in line and got autographs.