Friday, August 6, 2010

Autographs: James Loney

August 6, 2010. Metro PCS. Bell, California.

James Loney made an appearance this afternoon at Metro PCS in Bell. It was scheduled for 12pm. I don't think I have ever been in Bell. I've been in the cities around Bell but I'm sure I have never set foot in the city of Bell.

Metro PCS was located in a small shopping center that included a 7-11 and Subway. I don't think the sponsors or the Dodgers organization imagined hundreds and hundreds of fans were going to attend. It was crazy. I just don't think they predicted this because if they knew, this event should be located at a bigger shopping center. Most fans parked at different shopping areas.

Fans waiting.

Dodgers Truck arrives at the front of the shopping center.

Front side.

This is the backside. Fans started at the front door all the way around the back side. Like a zig zag. The crowd was huge. Police officers had to arrive at the scene. You usually don't see Police officers at a signing unless it's a big event. I guess this was a big event. The fans showed up! 

Activities for Kids.

You want to marry me? I'm sorry but I'm married... Oh, Oh, you're asking James Loney?

4 different police cars arrived. By the way, do I have any readers that are in the Police Department? I noticed these officers had yellow guns. Is it a case? Or that's just the color of the gun? They looked cool.

Mike Piazza made an appearance.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Loney arrived late.

Oh here's the yellow gun. Not sure if you can see it...

Loney arrives, limo style. About 30 minutes late. But I did hear that he stayed for 1 hour as promised.

Shot this video of Loney arriving.

Once inside, got instructions to not take pictures and only 1 item per person. I did not care about pictures since I've met Loney before. I just wanted to get my two Bobbleheads signed and get out of there.


Shot this video. I asked Loney if he's going to pitch one inning this year.

He said "I want too! At least one inning" So there you go, exclusive interview with James Loney! Ha!

Sorry, had to cut the video short. I thought a employee was screaming at me for filming.

I'm getting e-mails and messages via Twitter that fans threw stuff and saying bad words at James Loney and his limo when he stopped signing. I do not know. I can't verify this since I was one of the first ones in line and left right away after I got his autographs. But if you were there till the end, send me a e-mail. Let me know what happened. Just remember that players cannot stay there till every fan gets an autograph. He's on a contract to sign for one hour. I saw the crowd and it was huge. I think he would be there till 6pm signing. And you know that's impossible because he needs to be at Dodger Stadiun a couple of hours before tonights game. I really hope this didn't happened. And if it did, those fans should be ashamed.

I'm guessing here, I'd say more than 500 fans were there and 400 fans left upset.

Shout-out to everyone that I met! I didn't get your names but thanks everyone! Yes I do remember Ruben, Gina, Craig, Chuy, and Linda but I know there was more.

Thanks to Metro PCS, James Loney and all staff out there in Bell!

See ya next time!


Unknown said...

it was crazy! glad I got there early! it was nice to finaly meet you and say hi.. #1 LONEY FAN here hahaha.. He didn remember me too and the shirt I got signed from him! A freind of mine said they were booing him and one guy threw a water bottle

Unknown said...

I was there til the end! I was hoping to get in, but didn't.
&yes "fans" were boo'ing him, chanted "loney sucks", but i didn't see anyone throw anything. ALSO, his ride was stuck at the light of florence & atlantic, and a girl came up to his window knocking on it, hoping to get an autograph...he didn't open the window, haha & i don't blame him..
..the "fans" were way out of line..
he did arrive late, but stayed for the hour that was promised, what more could they want?
i'll just have to catch him @ his next appearance

Anonymous said...
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Rio[: said...

Yep people started yelling "Boo!" and ambushing his car as he left, it was pretty messed up considering they called themselves fans.

Anonymous said...

too bad about the fans doing that. they should be ashamed roberto. wish i could have gone though. btw i'm a police cadet/explorer at my local police department, those "yellow guns" are most likely tasers, our police department have the same ones :D too bad i dont work for bell police haha :)

Greg Zakwin said...

How early did you get there Roberto?

Roberto Baly said...

Hey Mo! Yes, it was nice meeting you. Glad you made it out there to see Loney :)

So must be true about the stories I'm hearing. Wow. Not cool at all.

@ Marisol - Sad story. "Loney sucks"? Really? Oh man... You're a good sport Marisol, next time!

@ Rio - WOW! More evidence. I need to see videos of this, haha. I can't believe it...

@ Daisy - Tasers! Yeah, I didn't think about that. Thanks :) Stay safe.

@ Greg - Do you really want to know? :/ lol

Greg Zakwin said...

Haha yeah I'm just curious. Considering going tomorrow for Broxton, always nice to get an estimate from other events.

And have you heard anything about them replacing DeWitt's event that was scheduled for tomorrow?

rai909 said...

Loney may suck as a person but hes been keeping the Dodgers semi- alive in the standings lol ... and plus its probably the staff who told him time is up

Roberto Baly said...

@ Greg - Around 5

DeWitt was replaced by Carlos Monasterios. I posted the info. It's in Torrance. Tomorrow.

If you're talking about the Hyundai Glendora event... I did call. The operator said it might happen before the season is over. Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

my friends and i didnt get to meet him, we got so close though haha but fans were getting CRAZY one girl even started yelling the F word at him and there was tons of little kids around...i felt embarrassed for the way they those fans were acting. pretty ridiculous.

Greg Zakwin said...

Damn, 5 is a little too early for my blood haha. And yeah I meant the Glendora one, sorry. Thanks for the info as always.

Anonymous said...

The Yellow "guns" on the left side of the officers is the Taser Gun. The Regular Handgun is always located on the Right Side. Thanks and hope everyone enjoyed the signing. I got there at 7 so I was out by 12:50ish...

Dodgerbobble said...

These appearances are crazy. There are so many people, the Dodgers should really consider having the appearances go longer than an hour.

Nice bobblehead signing BTW.

Anonymous said...

Yellow gun = Taser

Roberto Baly said...

Yes yes yes. I get it now. Yellow gun = Tazer gun.

Don't taze me bro!

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

im pretty sure the "yellow gun" is a taser

cw said...

Hi Roberto,
nice to see you and your wife again. did anyone else notice that although Loney bats and throws left handed, he signed the autographs right handed and was wearing glasses? see you again soon.

FitGirl said...

An officer's duty weapon is not always worn on the right side. If you are left-handed it will be on the left side.

Falling LEAVes said...

@ CW

It happens a lot. I've noticed several players who throw and bat left, but sign with their right

Anonymous said...

When they say "one item per person" it's for a reason; to get as many people in as possible.

Angry Albert said...

Yellow guns are tazers not guns