Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday All-Star Fan Fest - Part 1


Before going to the Fan Fest, I went to a Nike event but I haven't been able to post it because I'm having trouble downloading a couple of videos. I'll try again later. After the Nike event, we headed out to Anaheim for the All-Star Fan Fest.

I'm breaking this into two parts. This is part 1. Look for part 2 later today or tomorrow morning...

The fan fest was great! I feel bad that I didn't go over the weekend. But I just couldn't go. Arrived around 11am. It was a huge place. I checked the daily schedule to see who was signing. I missed on a couple of players that were signing in the morning. We walked around to look for Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda. The line wasn't too long but it was almost 12pm and the volunteers told us that he was leaving exactly at 12pm and that we might not make it. At exactly 12pm, Cepeda told the volunteers he was going to sign until everyone in line gets an autograph. What a great guy! Thanks!


Great book. Everything about Baseball History is here. The cost? 3000 bucks. Not joking!


A great tribute to all the Latin Players...


A cool map of the U.S. and Minor League destinations:


Tommy John - The famous "Tommy John surgery" Great guy. Hall of Famer? You can make a case. 288 wins!


Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson jerseys... There was a great space of Hall of Fame items. But to be honest, I felt Cooperstown could've brought more items to Anaheim. The exhibition wasn't that big!


Negro Leagues Tribute. I enjoyed this part. Great items from the Negro Leagues.


Andre Ethier FatHead Cardboard (I forgot to iron my shirt. Actually I did, I don't know what happened lol)


Jim Fregosi -


Tony Gwynn "This is what I'm signing, that's it!"


I'll post my experiences in meeting Gwynn tomorrow. I've had problems with him before. "You again?" :) But I didn't have a problem this time. I knew he was just signing that photo. I didn't cause any trouble.


I'll post a Part 2 soon. Most likely a Part 3 too! Too many pictures. I'm not even posting all of them here. Just trying to post the more interesting ones...


M.Brown said...

Next time offer him a candy bar

Roberto said...

hahaha good idea! :)

srod17 said...

Did you go to the Mauer, Pujols, Jackson event in Brea?

Roberto said...

Yes I did!

srod17 said...

I totally saw you then but I pulled one of those I don't know where I know that person from moments.