Friday, July 23, 2010

Rafael Furcal's At-Bat Song (Omega Chambonea)

Is it true Rafael Furcal doesn't have this song anymore? He still had it last month!

As requested by Veronica.

Omega - Chambonea

2010 At-Bat songs {linked here}

Got a At-Bat Song suggestion? Let me know!


rai909 said...

nope he has this new song with trumpets and stuff...whatever, ill forgive Raffy for his switch since hes hitting well .. :D ... lol

Roberto Baly said...

Haha dude I wonder what happened? The old song rocks!

C said...

I'll try and listen a little better next time he comes up. I heard part of it and it sounded like a merengue version of a salsa song I know. I just can't remember which one it is!! lol