Thursday, July 22, 2010

No curfew for Matt Kemp. Party with Rihanna.

What does Matt Kemp do to celebrate Chad Billingsley's complete game shutout!? Party! Well without Billingsley. After the game, he caught up with Rihanna who had a concert at Staples Center earlier. They meet at Rihanna's "Concert AfterParty" at Drai's in Hollywood.

I guess Kemp doesn't have a curfew. I'm curious to know if this bothers the Dodgers management. It doesn't bother me but I know most fans (especially females) think Kemp should focus more on Baseball than going out late at night. The dude is 25 years old! What's he suppose to do, hit the batting cages at 12am? I'm sure he doesn't need the rest.

I'm wrong? What's your opinion?

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Video: Kemp & Rihanna leaving the after party: 


Shan Sutton said...

Cute couple! ♥

Paper Boy said...

Matt Kemp is done. He doesn't care about the game. It's all about following Rihanna. And this is coming from a guy. Not a girl. KEMP IS DONE!

Roberto said...

Done? Matt Kemp is done? I would think he cares about the game.

Rachel said...

To say Kemp is done is going a little far, in my opinion. He's a 25 year old kid, is he NEVER supposed to go out and have any fun at all? He needs to live his life off the field too, it can't be all work all the time. They look genuinely happy together.

M.Brown said...

It worked for Mickey Mantle

Anonymous said...

If he chooses to live life as any other 25 year old, I see nothing wrong. Plus, it's not everyday his GF preforms at the Staples Center.

SapBlue said...

It worked for Joe Dimaggio too. Kemp is not done, far from it. 16 hrs, 65 rbis, and 15 sbs is far from done, especially at this point in the season and for a 25 year old at this point in his career. Stick to your paper route paper boy

Jill said...

i'm a girl & do i blame rihanna for matt kemp's woes? maybe. whether its rihanna or something else, matt's in a "slump" and is not playing to his potential. But, he needs to do something to get out of it. so if that means hitting the cages at 12 a.m. to get back to basics - it really isn't a bad idea, regardless if he's 25 or 35.

Brad B. said...

This doesn't concern me, however his base running mistakes do. His SB% is not much over 50% kind of sad after last season. All of his numbers are down from last year and the K's are up again. I hope Rihanna has nothing to do with it, but if she doesn't then why has he taken a step back this year?

Fernando said...

Matt Kemp is not done! Rihanna was gone to Europe for the most of the season. Kemp can only blame himself.

Greg Zakwin said...

Brad B.- Why has he taken a step back? Because players slump at times, especially young players who are still raw and didn't play the game religiously during their youth.

And again, he had an awesome first month, so what do you all who blame Rihanna say about that? He was dating her then, so I guess she should get credit then.

Of course not, because she has nothing to do with it either way.

Hugo said...

Matt Kemp is not done! He works his butt off on the field and has all the right to go out and party like everyone else, especially since his girlfriend was in town, so dont hate guys especially you Paper Boy, im pretty sure he cares about the game orelse he wouldnt be here right now!

Brad B. said...

@ Greg - He has taken a step back because wasn't dating her last year and his numbers were great. Look at the numbers this year, avg-down, OBP-down, OPS-down, K's-up. He's back to the all or nothing hitter that he was in 2008. Sure he hits HR but he has been worthless in the clutch this year. He's on pace to set a career high in K and career lows in Avg, OBP, and OPS and has already tied his career high for CS. Did he all of a sudden forget how to steal bases?

As a GM I would think one would expect to see numbers improve as a player reaches his prime, not regress.

I hope he turns it around, but nothing is more frustrating than a talented player not playing up to his potential.

Maybe Manny has been teaching Kemp how to phone it in too.

As long as Kemp keeps looking harmless against offspeed pitches and sliders it's going to look like Coletti was right with his comments about Kemp at the beginning of the year.

Greg Zakwin said...

Again, none of that is Rihanna's fault!

He had a great first month this year and they were dating. It's a slump, all players slump. That doesn't mean his skill set has regressed, oh and he's also gotten pretty unlucky on balls in play.

He's been better defensively the last few months as well, and his baserunning isn't as awful as people make it out to be. He's just refining the rough edges of his game.

You're probably someone who thinks trading Carlos Santana for Casey Blake was great, and we should trade Kemp for anything because two down months of a season determines the next 10 years.

Brad B. said...

@ Greg- Look at the numbers they speak for them self. I guarantee Coletti looks at them. I don't want to get rid of Kemp, I believe he can be the best OF in baseball and I want a guy like that on my team.

I'm just saying he is not the same guy he was last year. He got a bigger contract and a celebrity girlfriend; I know they may not responsible for his slacking, but if they don't have something to do with it then the Dodgers have a bigger problem; regression.

If I got a raise at work and a new girl and my production started slipping, my employers and customers would not take a "slump" as an excuse and you shouldn't either. He needs to pick it up and if he doesn't then he needs to go.

At some point a slump turns into a bad season. At some point a losing streak turns into a hole that is too big to climb out of. Kemp's play this year has mainly been digging that hole deeper and not helping the dodgers climb out of it.

By the way did like the Blake Santana trade until I found out that Santana is the next Mike Piazza. I wonder if the Dodgers would make that trade again knowing that Martin would regress like it appears Kemp is.