Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Matt Kemp & Rihanna @ Vegas Club + Other News!

How did you spend your Tuesday?

I was at the All-Star Fan Fest.

Andre Ethier started the All-Star Game.

Jonathan Broxton saved the All-Star Game.

Rafael Furcal and Hong-Chih Kuo played in the All-Star Game.

Matt Kemp? Well, he was spending his night in Las Vegas with Rihanna. That still doesn't bother me. I know he might get criticized for spending time with his girlfriend in Vegas. I just don't see the problem. Who knows later :) Just remember, players usually leave during the All-Star break to go back home. As you remember, Furcal had plans to spend it in Miami with his family before being selected to the All-Star team at the last minute.

In other news....

Since I haven't talk about it...

  • Molly Knight has an excellent piece on the McCourts. It's going to be ugly! {ESPN}
  • Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts interviews Knight. Behind the scenes with the McCourts {ESPN L.A.}
  • Dodgers make all Field and Loge level seats just $5 for kids! {}
  • Manny Ramirez to return. George Sherrill placed on waivers {}
  • Been getting a lot of reaction from the Gary Carter post. Look, I wasn't there. I don't know if the guy took money from the fans. This is my opinion, if you already knew what he was going to sign, then leave and go to another line. That's all.{linked here}
  • I have met Carter before and he was really nice. It was when he was managing the O.C. Flyers of the independent league. {My old blog} Of course, this doesn't mean anything. People have bad and good days. Many fans have told me that Bob Feller is a big time jerk. I have to disagree. I met him a couple of years ago and he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Heck, we talked about World War 2. 
  • DodgerBobble made a visit All-Star Fan Fest on Day 2 {DodgerBobble}
  • Pix from above - Matt Kemp, unknown person and Rihanna {RihannaDaily}


Greg Zakwin said...

Who cares what Matt Kemp does with his free time. Oh god, a guy likes to spend time with his girlfriend, what a shock! haha

Nice Carter/Evans post on your old blog.

Roberto said...

@ Greg - I'm having a hard time with your new name :) Mr. Zakwin I agree. I know fans will pick on him just because of this. It's his off-days!

Greg Zakwin said...

Haha it was mandatory to contribute to MOKM, but you're welcome to still call me KempKershaw or KK if it's more comforting for you haha.

And I mean really, if I had a girlfriend, I'd be spending time wit her, because not spending time with your girl (as far too many Dodgers fans want Kemp to do) will probably mean he no longer has a girl. Of course, that's what many want to happen.

I'm glad he enjoys spending time with her. Free time is just that, FREE time.

Steve said...

It's better than what Manny was doing:,17674/

Shan Sutton said...

Awwww they make a cute couple... cuteness! ♥ ♥

dodgerbobble said...
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dodgerbobble said...

I agree, I could care less what Matty does with his time off. He's probably gonna get hammered.

That Gary Carter thing is crazy.

The Girls In Blue Crew, cool blog!

Greg Zakwin said...

"I'd be spending time wit her"

Damn you spell check, catch my mistakes.

*with her*

Suzie said...

LOL at your comment about the fans getting mad at Matt being with Rhianna. I think they're a cute couple.

I guess nothing fazes me anymore about teenys getting hysterical over "their" guy with his girlfriend after being an *NSYNC fan. I remember those Justin/Britney days and all the hysteria around THAT. ;-D After that? Easy-peasy. lol