Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Los Angeles, We Got a Problem!

It was all a dream
I thought the Dodgers were going all the way
But they are getting creamed
by not playing the Dodger way!

My weak poem. You got something? 

I'm not giving up just yet but I think the Dodgers are in trouble. They are going to have to play some really good ball for the rest of the Summer. Listen, give credit to the San Diego Padres. They are playing well. That pitching is doing a hell of a job. That's why they are in 1st place.

Dodgers need to beat these teams. Especially within their own division. Which they have. They are 23-7 against the N.L. West. 5-2 against the San Francisco Giants. Yeah, they are beating the West teams but what does that mean if they can't beat teams from the other divisions?

Tonight should be a game you might want to tell your grandkids forty years from now.

Clayton Kershaw vs Tim Lincecum.

James Loney Bobblehead Tonight!

Loney has asked the Dodgers that he needs about 75-100 Bobbleheads for his friends and family {Beto Duran}


In other news...

  • L.A. Times caught up with the news 4 days later... Andre Ethier to the Red Sox? {L.A.  Times} It's not going to happen! 
  • Manny Ramirez is still out. Might go to the d.l.? {ESPN L.A.}


rai909 said...

manny on the DL ... that will be 45 days missed now...>:(

Roberto said...

Injuries...more injuries...

A. DeVandry said...

Let's go Dodgers... going for 10 losses in a row!