Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 20, 2010 Dodgers vs Red Sox @ Fenway Park (Pictures) Part 2

Here's part 2! Click here for Part 1

The last pictures....

Dodgers Batting Practice

Fenway View

The Dodger group were sitting here. I know about 6 fans that were sitting here. Steve, one of the fans that was sitting there sent me some excellent pictures. I will post them soon! 


These two fans got up everytime Manny Ramirez came to the plate.

The Dodger group again. Now like I said, I know some fans that were part of the group. They read this blog so please don't be offended to what I'm about to say....

Four fans from this group told me that a representative from the Dodgers and ESPN asked them to stand up whenever Man-Ram comes to the plate. That way, since it's a ESPN Sunday Night game, they will show you on t.v.

It looks like they also got shirts. Not sure if it was "Mannywood" shirts. Now, why are they being asked to get up when Ramirez comes up? I don't know... I just thought it was weird. How about showing some love to all the players?

I do give this group credit, they were loud! I heard them all the way from where I was sitting and trust me, we weren't close.


I was tired...Yes I'm weak. I lost 10 pounds on this trip.


This is what the Dodgers need to do! Statues! This is Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doerr. It's new. It was just unveiled a couple of weeks ago. Read all about it by clicking here.


One of the best hitters ever, Ted Williams.

Yes we got swept. Embarrased. But it was a blast. I had a great time. After checking out these statues after the game, we walked out of Fenway Park to get the T-Line. I'm not kidding, I put on a Dodger jacket and walked a couple of blocks in Boston and nobody hassled me. They were great! Honestly, I would return here when the Dodgers make a return.

I'll post pictures that Steve e-mailed me. They were great shots. I also got to post my Yankee Stadium trip. Oh and I also shot pictures of Dodger fans in Fenway Park. Maybe I shot you? I'll post that soon! Thanks for being patient.



Mr. Carter said...

Nice report Roberto. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Lol I love that guys shirt. Just replace red sox with dodgers and I'd wear it haha