Monday, July 5, 2010

Fan Pix: Blake DeWitt Billboard

E-mail from Rio:

Hey Roberto! I don't remember if you've already posted this picture, but here's a pic of a This is My Town billboard with.... BLAKE DEWITT! There's two pics, one far away, and one close up. It's off the 60 East right after Fairway Dr. :) Have a nice 4th of July! -Rio 

Nice! Thanks Rio! I've never seen a DeWitt billboard. Kinda cool seeing the little guys getting some exposure.

I think we got everyone, no? Well besides Matt Kemp. Where the heck is he? Fans keep telling me he's somewhere in Hollywood. Get it? Hollywood? No? Sorry! :)

But seriously, where's Matt Kemp!?


Greg Zakwin said...


I hope there's a Kuo one out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the Matt Kemp Billboard is on Century Blvd. on the way to LAX. You can see it if you are headed north on the 405 as you pass the airport exit.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Greg - A Kuo Billboard would be awesome.

@ J - Really? I rarely pass in that area. Take a pix! :)

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

darth vaders MY TOWN billboard has been seen on the 118 side of Topanga

Vaders grip reaches the farthest regions on the sanfernando valley