Monday, July 5, 2010

Fan Pix: AZ Mascot Sprays Man-Ram

E-mail from Feliciano:

Made the trip to AZ. Manny getting sprayed in Arizona!

Thanks Feliciano. Looks like you had great seats in Chase Field. Glad you made the trip and the Dodgers got the win. First of all, I did not know the Diamondbacks had a mascot. Who is that? That looks like Mark Grace! Not to nice to spray on Man-Ram. I bet the fans had a laugh.


Greg Zakwin said...

It is Mark Grace, but it's not a mascot, it's just like the hot dogs that race in Milwaukee. The D-Backs also have a Randy Johnson racer.

Though I do think they have an actual mascot as well. I think Dylan Hernandez was Tweeting about it this weekend haha.

Maija said...

Yeah, I was thinking "Hey, that's not the D-Backs mascot!"

Their mascot is a Bobcat, because Chase Field used to be Bank One Ballpark, and everyone apparently called it BOB.