Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fan Pix: Addy with Matt Kemp sign

It's always nice to know that this blog is getting a lot of readers from other states besides California. I get the stats and one particular state that comes here often is Arizona! Many Dodger fans in Arizona!

Got this E-mail last night from Omar (who lives in Arizona)

What up Roberto? How is your 4th weekend going?

Well just got back from the whooping the Dodgers placed on the Dbacks with the family, and it was great, fireworks after the game made it even better... I met 3 people that read and follow your blog to reside in AZ like myself and the other couple that I met came from La Puente to watch tonight's and tomorrow's game...

I wanted to inform you of that, reach out say what up, and send you this fan pic. Being a huge Matt Kemp fan my daughter- Addy and I made a sign for him here's the pic of Addy holding it, I think you'll like it! The coolest thing is that all the people that I met seen the pic of my daughter with Kemp on your blog! Dodger Knowledge is power ! lol

Your blog is refreshing keep up the good work, its dope to find out how small of a world it is.

Thanks Omar! Click here if you don't remember seeing Addy. 

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