Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's going to be a interesting game. The Dodgers will be facing All-Star Josh Johnson of the Marlins. Johnson with a 1.82 era! For the Dodgers, Hiroki Kuroda will be on the mound.

Oh wow, earthquake!
Have a safe night! 


rai909 said...

i got scared! lol jk ... i was just hoping for nothing to fall ... Belisario is better than Troncoso so hopefully he comes back ... and not Troncoso lol ..

im going to the game today.. hopefully Johnson pithes a no hitter lol i dont wanna see a shutout ... it be more cool if hes the all star starter

Greg Zakwin said...

Personal reasons is so vague for Belisario, hopefully he's ok and it ends up well for him.

Could be an ill family member, could be worse.

But really, they do hate DFAing guys. Unfortunately.

rai909 said...

DAMN roberto how did i know he was going to throw a shut out? lol ....Josh Johnson is too good right now... i was hoping for a no hitter but it ended in the 4th :( ...I saw Casey Blake throw a tantrum in the dugout lol .... pretty funny ^_^