Saturday, July 3, 2010

Contest Winners / Dodgers Notes

The winners of the Dynomite Poster is Aaron and Chantal! Congratulations! The posters should be on their way on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure if the Post office will be open on Monday since it's 4th of July on Sunday. I need to check.

I got about 140 e-mails. I wish there was 140 posters available. I'm sorry.... By the way, I need to change some rules. Or just make sure fans only send 1 e-mail. One guy in particular sent me a e-mail every 2 minutes for about an hour. In total, he sent about 34 e-mails. He kept saying "I'm 100?" That's not cool...

I'm trying to get a couple of extra posters. If I do, I will just randomly pick e-mails and ask you if you still want a poster. Stay tuned...

In Dodgers news:

  • Mike Scioscia is the Manager of the Angels. Now another '88 team member is a manager. That's Kirk Gibson who is now managing the Arizona Diamondbacks and defeated the Dodgers last night for his first win. Congrats Gibby. Players seem to love him already. {NY Times}

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