Thursday, July 22, 2010

Andre Ethier At-Bat Song (Delinquent Habits Tres Deliquentes)

Let's put some music into this blog!

Andre Ethier's At-Bat Song:

2010 At-Bat songs {linked here}

Got a At-Bat Song suggestion? Let me know!


Greg Zakwin said...


And any excuse to get some Red Hot Chili Peppers (Kershaw) or Led Zeppelin (DeWitt) up in here is fine by me haha.

Anonymous said...

im sad that furcal changed his song!

ironmitchell said...

i say it's time that hong-chih kuo be the closer and his entrance song should be the wicker man by iron maiden

Shan Sutton said...

One of Kemp's at-bat song is 'My Chick is bad' by Ludacris.
Verrry fitting and appropriate for him! ..he can relate. LOL :-)
...he also came out to "Power" by Kanye West.

Shan Sutton said...

This song should be Jonathon Braxton's song:

"Big Bad John" by Jimmy Dean

Roberto said...

@ Greg - I'm on it. I'll do this once or twice a week.

@ Ethier16 - He did? That sucks!

@ Shan Sutton - I think Broxton had that song a while back, no?

Greg Zakwin said...

Awesome, looking forward to it.

Shan Sutton said...

oh, I didn't know he did.

rai909 said...

Matt Kemp changes his song every minute lol .... and i was sad to see the Furcal song go :( it was one of my favorites, right below Kershaw's and Ethier's ... Kuo should use Enter the Sandman :D