Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upcoming Signings: Billingsley & Broxton

Jonathan Broxton
June 12, 2010
Verizon Wireless Store
3785 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 105 A, B,
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Chad Billingsley
June 12, 2010
100 S. California Ave.
West Covina, Ca

Always confirm!


Dodgers Baseball said...

going to the Bills signing for sure since i live close by. You going to any of them, Roberto?

Shoe said...

Broxton is my little brother's favorite player, and his birthday is next week. I was thinking about going to the signing this weekend and asking him to sign a birthday card to him. Is that something they'd do at these signings?

KempKershaw said...

Shoe- They'll usually allow you an item of your choosing to get signed.

I don't know if he'd write a huge message but he'd probably write something like "Happy Birthday, blah blah blah- Jonathan Broxton".

Good luck, hope you get it.

Roberto said...

@ Dodgers Baseball - Not sure yet. I hope so! :)

@ Shoe - Yeah, you choose your own item.

Roxanna said...

I went to Broxtons signing last weekend in Pomona and asked him if he could sign Iron Man after his signature and he said he can't do personalizations...but it wouldn't hurt to ask i guess.

Shoe said...

Yeah, the personalization is really what I was looking for. Roxanna's answer was what I was afraid of. It's a long time to wait to not get what you're looking for.

Shoe said...

The dream: "Happy Birthday, Clark. Your brother's a pimp." Jonathan Broxton.

KempKershaw said...

Casey Blake personalized an item for someone, so it's worth asking at least.


Roberto said...

@ KempKershaw - Oh man.... with a fake ball. That's going to fade really quick. I need to do a post about these things. I've done if before but I keep seeing fans getting useless items signed...

KempKershaw said...

Roberto- I did chuckle when I saw it was a Macy's ball.