Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Look Lost

The Dodgers after Cliff Lee? That makes me LOL ! 

The Dodgers are not playing well. They are on a five game losing streak and to be honest, this might get worst. Dodgers have two games left against the Anaheim Angels and then a weekend series against the New York Yankees.

The pitching looks bad. The offense has disappeared. They look lost.

Dodgers are in 3rd place in the West. Three games behind the San Diego Padres. They have lost eight of their last ten games. It's not a good time in the Dodgers clubhouse.

I just laugh when I read rumors about the Dodgers going after Cliff Lee or some great Pitcher. Seriously, what makes you think this is going to happen? It reminds me when fans asked me if the Dodgers are going to go after a "Ace" in the off-season and I said "No, they don't have money"

I feel the same way. The Dodgers might get a Pitcher but it won't be a Hall of Fame type Pitcher. Not just because of money issues, but also because the farm system is weak compare to what other teams can offer. Just hope that the pitching staff can turn it around. The Dodgers will live and die with this pitching staff.

I'm just praying there isn't a similar Carlos Santana for Casey Blake type trade...

I would give Pedro Martinez a chance. I doubt he can do worse than what we've seen.

Oh, when will Matt Kemp wake up? I'm not just picking on Kemp, I'm just really disappointed in his performance lately.

How do you feel? 


Eric "Niño" said...

i mentioned this exact same scenario early on in the season when the pitching was doing horrible but the bats were on fire. I posed the question "what's gonna happen when the bats go quiet and the pitching continues as it has been doing?"

They'll bounce back but they're gonna be trying to dig themselves out of a hole for the rest of the season. They can't really focus on picking up an all-star hall-of-famer when their clubhouse is in such disarray. They need to focus on fixing their internal problems. The other issue is that we no longer have a deep farm system that we can use to spice up a trade. Teams will want a trade of equal caliber.

Who do you think the M's will want for Lee, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Broxton, Ely, or Kershaw? If we lose one of these guys do u think Lee will offset the the loss of one of them [short term and long term]?

jesus said...

pick on matt kemp. He is doing horrible im seriously not in a good mood. This guy is playing like well i cant say it but you know . Ethier came off an injury so im not giving him to much.... Im just a little well not a little i am completely angry. Also why do we have to play the yankees, red sox, angels while the padres and giants are playing Baltimore houston blue jays and the Rays( the rays are a good team) but come on baltimore and seattle

Dave said...

They don't look lost; they look comatose.

We don't have to worry about another Santana situation since we don't have another prospect of that quality left in the system.

And as far as I'm concerned, the M's are more than welcome to Kemp; but why they'd want a "power" hitter who flails hopelessly at breaking pitches and makes every fly ball an adventure is beyond me. That said, maybe with a decent hitting coach, Kemp will finally live up to the hype.

Eric "Niño" said...

@Dave Kemp has an awesome hitting coach in Mattingly but i don't know whats going on there with him. Maybe Colletti was right??

Most of the lineup depends on Ethier, Ramirez, Kemp, and Loney hitting because it creates favorable situations for hitters of lesser caliber.

just what i think

rai909 said...

i dont even see matt kemp mad... Ethier is doing way better than he is and Ethier is breaking bats in the dugout because of line drives... Kemp needs to wake his A** up!... im tired of him swinging at pitches down and away and then letting good pitches go -_-

Roberto said...

Yeah, we are facing some good teams in Interleague while the other N.L West teams are facing weaker teams. But hey, if you want to be the best, you got to beat the best!

Kemp needs to wake up really quick. Maybe Larry Bowa needs to get on his face.

KempKershaw said...

I'm going to say this as nicely as possible:

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who would trade Matt Kemp for Cliff Lee is a certified fool.

I wanted to use a stronger word than fool, so just guess which ones are stronger and those all apply.

Seriously, your over-reactions are comical. With some of you guys running this team, we'd see repeats of the years where we had no young talent and were just playing with crappy veterans.

Kemp is an exceptional player struggling. That's it.

Relax and calm the f**k down.

jesus said...

Kemp Kershaw: who in the world said they would trade kemp for lee, i would never that trade in my lifetime, i am just frustrated with struggles, no way would i trade him because he is capable of doing many things

Roberto said...

LOL wow dude, maybe you should relax a bit. No one said anything about a Kemp/Lee trade.

I would never trade Matt Kemp.

Maybe you should read my post again :) I'm not even worried. All I said was that right now the Dodgers are lost and I don't see them making a run for a big time pitcher.

SERG79 said...

kemp just needs to stop F#@$%ing rhianna and focus on what he set his goals to be this Ely needs to search for that spark that started him off and do it again. And well either, he'll comeback to that groove before or during the yankee game. im excied to see whats to come after the big apponents just because our boys get to see where they match up. if they do pick up im bettings its after they notice how low they go if in doubt they go any lower (im praying they start picking it up). but we gotta just wait and see.

DodgerJam said...

Kemp is flat out sucking right now. Calm down my ass. The problem is, the guy shows ZERO emotion during the struggles. Like someone mentioned earlier, we have all seen how pissed Ethier gets after a bad at bat- throws his bat, destroys a cooler in the dugout, etc. But Kemp does absolutely nothing to show emotion. I guess I wouldn't mind so much him not showing emotion, but what is with the small grin he flashes at times when he K's? It's not funny to strikeout when the team is depending on you, and you're getting PAID to perform.

KempKershaw said...

Am I the only one who reads everyone's comments?

Dave, like 3 posts above me:

"And as far as I'm concerned, the M's are more than welcome to Kemp; but why they'd want a "power" hitter who flails hopelessly at breaking pitches and makes every fly ball an adventure is beyond me. That said, maybe with a decent hitting coach, Kemp will finally live up to the hype."

I know you weren't suggesting it Roberto, it was directed at Dave.