Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Matt Kemp.... gone?

Sitting Matt Kemp on the bench for two straight games does nothing. What's the point? Joe Torre gave him a day off on Sunday, fine, I understand. But again last night against the Giants? Kemp has a .457 batting average against Barry Zito, the Giants starter. But you still bench him? Maybe it would've been a great time to get him back there.

Torre even mentions that he's not sure if he will play on Tuesday. How is Kemp suppose to get out of this slump?

L.A. Times has this article "Can Matt Kemp get the message?"

What message? The message to not do stupid mental mistakes? The one to be a smarter base stealer? You can blame Kemp all you want but when do you blame the coaches?

Steve Dilbeck of the Times, same article...

He doesn’t exactly emanate competitive fire. His energy seems focused on being cool, both in the clubhouse and too often on the field. He comes off so relaxed, his focus and intensity come into question.

That's funny. If Kemp had the personality of let's say Milton Bradley, writers would say Kemp is a bad influence with the team and has a bad attitude.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ned Colletti trades Kemp. We are about a month away from the Trading deadline. I'm not going to be a happy fan.

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  • Benching Kemp a gamble for Joe Torre {Fox Sports}
  • There is growing frustration with Kemp {ESPN L.A.
Nice to see the Dodgers getting a win last night. It's a good sign when Manny Ramirez is getting hot. During his last 7 games, he is batting a cool .474

Maybe all that DH he did at American League parks helped him. I can't imagine what A.L. team he will be playing.

It was also great to see Chad Billingsley back in the mound. It looked like the old Chad!

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4.Jayson WerthPhillies1,623,802
5.Matt HollidayCardinals1,540,986
6.Shane VictorinoPhillies1,517,594
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Rob said...

Meh. Garret Anderson — back when he was good! — used to get this rap all the time. I'm not too surprised to hear the "lazy" tag subtly applied to an Afro-American player. That said, his game has declined this year and last, as evidenced by his numbers, and he really needs to step it up a notch.

randy said...

it has NOTHING to do with race, it has everything to do with getting his head in the game. It has long been known that Kemp already thinks he is a star, and his lack of mental focus is damaging the team.

Rob said...

I agree with Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times. Kemp is too nonchalant of a baseball player. He was fun to watch when he first joined the Blue Crew; however, lately, it seems he is more focused on his relationship with Rihanna. His poor play has been more than evident, which justifies Torre's decision to bench Kemp. Ever paid close attention to his facial expressions? He's far too mellow, doesn't exude energy and acts way too cocky for his own good. Frankly, it has just been plain annoying seeing his face. Andre Ethier, although been slumping since his return from the DL on May 31st, is the better star player overall--and is more humble, personable and exemplifies fervor in a way that is unparalleled to Kemp's demeanor. Colletti definitely has something to think about before the trading deadline.

Joanna Blue said...

I can't see them trading Matt Kemp for one little slump.. I get too concerned about keeping certain players.. I love baseball and this team with every fiber of my being.. but I'm still a chick hahahaha!! I get emotional about this team!!!

Joanna Blue said...

I remember watching Shawn Green when he was slumping and he was so mellow and nonchalant about it.. I remember wishing he world throw a bat or something.. Step It Up!! Get mad!!!

thegreatpiazza said...

I agree Roberto. Joe Torre blows. You don't bench Matt Kemp two days in a row!

Steve said...

On Dodger talk last night they mentioned Torre has spoken to Kemp many times about some unspecified issue. It seems he wasn't benched because of a slump but something else. Although I don't like management calling out players in public, I suspected when Colletti mentioned Kemp it wasn't a random outburst but planned because of an ongoing issue. I'll get around to posting that video of Kirk Gibson talking about his conversation with Kemp.

rai909 said...

who the hell is voting for Jason Heyward ... lol Matt Kemp has better numbers than him... im not saying to vote for Kemp but people need to vote for someone much more deserving than Heyward... i dont care if hes a rookie...yes he has good number FOR A ROOKIE... but in the majors, hes just another player comparing to other people below him in the All Star Ballot

And Matt Kemp... he'll awaken if they give him a chance

DodgerJam said...

Torre has been in the game way too long, and has accomplished way too much for anyone to question this move. It is just his way of trying to light a fire under this guy. To sit here and try and ask, "how is it helping him get out of the slump?" is a waste of time. This isn't a week long slump, this has been going on for a while now..a long while. What else was Joe supposed to do? Also, ironic someone above saying, Torre Sucks for doing this. Joe ain't the one looking completely lost and confused at the plate right now

DodgerJam said...

save the race card cop-out. Gary Sheffield cried about race once when he was questioned about his perceived laziness. He tried to say if Paul O'Neil punches a gatorade cooler, or slams his bat he is looked at as a hard-nosed, passionate ballplayer. Gary tried to say if a black athlete does it, they are called moody. I don't buy that for a second. I think the guys in the clubhouse, as well as the managers, can easily decipher between who is a hard-nosed, passionate, charlie hustle type player, and those who are apathetic and lack passion for the game

jesus said...

wow one slump leave the guy alone, these type of guys is hard to find with all the tools he has it would be so stupid and idiotic trading Kemp and i and other fans will be super pissed. Forgot all the Kemp haters

french fri said...

he is out of the line up again.. http://twitter.com/dodgerscribe/status/17368862685

got it from dodger thoughts.

Michelle said...

Everyone has slumps. It appears that Matt is being the scapegoat for the Dodger's right now and that this is coming from management. This may not be the case, it could be something else. In that case, management should be transparent with the fans about what is going on. My 2 cents! ;)

KempKershaw said...

Ethier's slumping, but most fans wouldn't bench him.

Food for thought.

DodgerJam- Torre's the one lost managing. He's a horrible manager. PERIOD.

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