Sunday, June 6, 2010

Autographs: John Ely

 John Ely

June 5, 2010 AT&T Culver City, California

I met many readers of this blog on this great day. I won't dare to shout out the names because I know some names will be forgotten. But thanks to all those that said hello.

By the way, I almost forgot. I will shout out one name. One of the writers of "Sons of Steve Garvey" approached me. This is the second time I met a writer from this blog. The first writer I met was "Steve Sax" Click here if you don't remember.
This time I met "Alex Cora"

I was speaking with a friend when Mr. Cora approaches me and says "Roberto? Vin Scully Blog?"

I say yes, this is Roberto. He says he's "Alex" from Sons of Steve Garvey. I smile. My friend laughs. I wanted to grab a camera and shoot a picture so everyone can see the real face of "Alex Cora" !!!!

But I didn't. I respect their privacy. They are big time bloggers who don't want to be disturbed by the normal folks. "Alex" did say "I love your blog!" What a great guy. And he didn't call me Ronaldo! 

Awesome. Now I only need to meet the other five writers. "Guerrero" is still with us, right?

On to my little story...

There were a couple of autograph appearances on this day. I decided to meet John Ely. The new kid. I got so many items signed by Jonathan Broxton, so I don't really need him. I got a couple of items signed by Casey Blake too. Let's get the rookie!

I would say about 25 fans were ahead of me. A great crowd came out. I'm sure nothing like Blake's event but it was still great. The signing started at 11:30am. Ely showed up early and started signing a couple of minutes after arriving. I brought two official Rawlings MLB Balls.

The AT&T and KABC employees were great. No rules were specified. I heard one employee say "one autograph" but I noticed Ely signing multiple autographs. They also allowed photos. Ely was nice enough to pose for pictures and talk with the fans. Good times!

My two autographed Baseballs:

A video that I shot while he was signing...

John Ely - Signing Autographs - from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

John Ely of the Los Angeles Dodgers signing autographs. June 5, 2010


dodgerbobble said...

Awsome pics. I really wanted to get to this event. Do you know what time Ely stopped signing?

Yeah, Casey Blake's event was insanity. Plus, no pictures and only one signature.

Roberto said...

I was done before 12pm... I'm not sure. A buddy told me he was one the last one at exactly 1pm!

About Casey Blake... I've been getting a lot of e-mails about that event. Looks like it was a zoo!

dodgerbobble said...

Roberto - yeah it was a zoo. When we left at 12:30, there must have been 1,200 more people in line.

Dusty Baker said...

Nope - Pedro was voted off before this season.

DodgerJam said...

1200 or more people! wow! What time did people start getting there to the Casey event?

KempKershaw said...

Roberto- I looked for you! Couldn't find you. Next time I guess.

I'll send you a pic of what he signed for me when I have some time. You'll enjoy it, I think.

cucuy catcher said...

I was there with 3 of my kids. My little girl is a BIG Casey fan! Here are my observations from the Casey Blake session.

1. About a third of the people there still thought Andre was going to sign autographs. Tons of ppl had Ethier memorabilia. This would explain the large turnout.

2. Prior to noon ppl came out of their cars as ppl they know were holding a spot in line for them. So instead of us being in the 250-300 range we became 300-400 range. That sucked! Should have handed out wristbands a lot earlier.

3. Casey quit exactly 1 PM. Security states his wife laid down the law.

4. Met a guy who also follows VSIMH blog and we spread the word about the best Dodgers blog!

KempKershaw said...

Someone at the Ely signing said they had switched it back to Ethier. Perhaps that contributed to the large turnout.

Alex Cora said...

Roberto pense escribirte mi en mi idioma principal, en espanol. Fue un placer ver te el Sabado. Gracias por mencionarme en tu blog y por mantener mi privacidad. Tu amigo, Alex.

DodgerJam said...

CuCuy Catcher- thanks for the great info regarding the Blake signing. What is interesting to read was, the fact that you mentioned so many people there thought Ethier was going to still be there. I am guessing that left a lot of disappointed people in line. Like Roberto says, "always confirm". That said, I wonder if the Verizon people even knew about Andre canceling out? I know when I called a week or two before, they still thought he was going to be there- even though I already heard he canceled. Sucks too about those who don't wait in line, then show up right before the signing shows to "cut/jump" in with their friends

rai909 said...

matthew mcconaughey's long lost brother lol... he talks just like him too!! ... pretty crazy o.O

Roberto said...

Sorry guys, I was out with the family all day...

@ dodgerbobble - That's crazy. I'm sure many fans thought it was still Ethier...

@ Dusty Baker - From SOSG, yes. But he's still alive :)

@ KempKershaw - Next time, no worries.

@ cucuy catcher - Thanks! I really appreciated :)

@ Alex Cora - Eres bien chistoso. Gracias por los saludos :)

@ DodgerJam - Verizon knew last week that it was canceled. A friend even told me they had a huge Blake poster with the appearance info...

@ rai909 - Yeah but Ely hasn't dated Penelope Cruz :)

cucuy catcher said...


Security knew but some people were saying that it was still being advertised during games. All the chicks were there to see Andre and almost all stood in line anyway.

daisy said...

lol I agree with rai909. Am I the only one that thinks John is ridiculously gorgeous? haha I didn't know about his appearance until it was too late. Just started following your blog Roberto. I really enjoy reading it. It's also very helpful :)