Monday, June 21, 2010

June 18, 2010 Dodgers vs Red Sox @ Fenway Park (Pictures) Part 1

Last night, before the game, a Red Sox fan yelled at me "Ja ganna gut swep out ov year!" Can you guess what he said? :)

Boy, what a terrible weekend for the Dodgers. Just like the weekend before when the Angels swept them.

My one week east coast trip consisted of three Baseball games. One at Yankee Stadium and Two at Fenway Park. Besides the Baseball games, we also toured NYC and Boston. I wasn't going to go to another city just to see Baseball games. We did a lot of things. I think we accomplished most of our goals. In Boston, we missed JFK Library. We didn't have time. In NYC, we missed Citi Field. There wasn't a game but I still wanted to pass through and check it out. I guess that will be for another time. I've noticed that most of the Dodger fans that I talked with in Boston were just going to the games and hitting the bars and clubs. I guess I'm a boring person! In NY, we walked most of Manhattan, checked out the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, SoHo, Yankee Stadium, Chinatown, Times Square, United Nations, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Empire State Building, and who knows what else. In Boston, we checked out M.I.T., Harvard, parts of the Freedom Trail, Prudential Center, Boston Public Library, Cheers Bar, Faneuil Hall, Seaport District, and I'm sure I forgot something...

We shot over 3000 pictures. Poor camera. It's going to die. I'll share the Baseball pictures here. Let's start with Fenway Park, since that was against the Dodgers.

I'll start with last Friday's game.

June 18, 2010 Fenway Park - Dodgers vs Red Sox.

We arrived around 4am from New York. After checking in at the hotel and checking out the city a bit, we headed to Fenway Park. We noticed a couple of things about Boston. One in five are wearing some sort of Red Sox gear. It could be a shirt, hat, etc. I'm serious, one in five citizens of Boston are showing Red Sox love. It's a big fan base. Another thing we noticed, the city of Boston advertises the Red Sox everywhere. It's part of the Boston culture.

To get around the city, we used public transportation. We used the bus and the "T" line (subway). It was great. We never got lost. There was a couple of confusions but we never thought we we're lost. It was fun.

Entering a "T" line station, you will see a lot of Sox ad's.
Boston - T Line - Red Sox

Getting close to Fenway Park, you will see a lot of bars and shops:


Group Pix: I'm the guy holding the hat up in the air.

Manny Shirts
Manny - Shirt

This Sports Radio station gave away these signs:

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was able to check out Batting Practice from the Green Monster!

I have to break these posts in parts. It's just a lot of pictures. Just trying to post pictures that might give you an inside look at Fenway Park if you have never been there before. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow.


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