Friday, June 4, 2010

Giants are most tech savvy MLB team

UPDATE: Read this article too... {linked here}

I'm jealous. If you're a tech geek like myself, you might appreciate this video that was recently posted on

Yes, it's about the San Francisco Giants. I'm sorry.

Free WiFi at the ballpark, high-tech scouting and dynamic ticket pricing, the Giants are embracing technology! The Dodgers? Not yet...

I blogged once in AT&T Park {linked here}

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Bizymen said...

Not bad at all...most ball parks should do this including our own Dodger Stadium. I really like that Dynamic pricing Idea..bu then again we still manage to fill seats up pretty good. Intead we get The Dodgers forcing us to buy mini plans in order to get tickets for a Yankees game..or give season ticket holders a chance to buy more tickets so they themselves can rape us with their 5X face either way I like that idea and think would benefit the Dodgers to implement something like that.