Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fan Pix: Rob & Manny Ramirez

E-mail from Rob:


My Fiance, Annie & I love your blog and wanted to share a story with you. About 5 weeks ago we decided to book a trip to Denver for Memorial Day weekend. We booked the trip and booked a room at the Ritz Carlton in Denver for the weekend.

We decided to see if the Rockies would be in town and sure enough they were. We were even more excited to see that the Rockies would be playing the Dodgers in Coors Field that very weekend. We bought tickets to see them play on that Sunday 5/30. The seats we bought were Row 5 on the 3rd base side. This is the visitors' side. As it turns out, Row 5 is actually the first row behind the dodgers dugout. It was awesome.

We ran into Jamie Carroll as we were walking out of the Ritz. Then Annie suggested that maybe the Dodgers were staying at our hotel. Sure enough they were! I have attached a few great pics from our visit.

It was an amazing weekend.

Keep up the good work on the blog.


That's a great story! Thanks for sharing Rob :)

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Michael K. Smith said...

My next trip: Colorado