Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Devon Ethier & Other Notes

Kershaw vs Wainwright! Tonight.

  • Girl recovers from ball hit by Russell Martin. Video via KCAL 9 {linked here}
  • Great news! You can now buy shirts from The LFP blog at True Blue Tattoo! {linked here}
  • Andre Ethier's brother, Devon, was drafted by the Dodgers {linked here}
  • Dodgers First Round pick, Zach Lee to participate Football workouts at LSU. {linked here}
  • Do we get to see Stephen Strasburg? Maybe... Via Dodger Thoughts (Who's Steven Strasburg) {linked here}


Ken said...

no idea why the dodgers drafted zach lee. i think it's a terrible pick

KempKershaw said...

It's fine if they sign him for a reasonable bonus.

That's just not a terribly likely outcome.

Roberto said...

The player is not terrible. What's terrible is that everyone MLB team knew it was going to be a risk in drafting Lee.

Plus Lee is ready to play football with LSU :/

Ken said...

that bonus would have to be really hefty

and with frank mccheap, it aint gonna happen