Monday, June 28, 2010

Casey Blake likes Miley Cyrus - Dodgers Notes -

Mr. Beard.... are you okay?

Casey Blake's favorite song.

On to other things.

  • I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm sure most of you went to Dodger Stadium. I only went Friday and Saturday. Great games. I couldn't make it last night. Maybe it was a good sign to not go. What a terrible ending. 
  • I'm just happy the Yankees are gone. I'm tired of reading stories on Joe Torre and his current relationship with the Yankees. I don't care if Alex Rodriguez shakes his hand or not.  
  • It seems that A-Rod is hurt by Torre because of the way he portrayed him in his book. You want to laugh? Read Torre's book and check out what he has to say about Jeff Weaver! And Weaver is with Torre at this moment. It doesn't seem to bother Weaver. 
  • Jonathan Broxton blew the save last night and most fans want to crucify him. Why? Don't you know he has been pretty damn good this season. From Dodger Thoughts:
Broxton had allowed one earned run in his previous 23 games (0.39 ERA) with no blown saves. In 33 games this season, he had allowed three earned runs and three inherited runs to score. He had surrendered two leads all year. He had over 50 percent more strikeouts than baserunners allowed.

  • Hey, do me a favor. Vote! Andre Ethier. Do it now! Get Ethier to start the All-Star Game {}
  • You guys are boring! Most of you agree with me about my previous post! No, but seriously, thanks for the comments!  I really thought I was going to get killed by my comments. I just post what I truly believe. Nice to know I'm not alone and that I do have something in common with you. Read it here, if you didn't.
  • I need to catch up with e-mails and post pictures of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. I'm on it! 


    cucuy catcher said...

    I went to the game last night and I am still in shock. I won't comment on the game but I do have something to say about the team.

    1. Andre "Captain Crunch" Ethier is looking less of an All Star since coming off the DL.

    2. Casey Blake should start spelling his name with a K.

    3. Russell Martin is hitting more like Ricky Martin.

    4.Matt "Hat Trick" Kemp (AKA Tony Romo) needs to get some sleep, concentrate on baseball, stop shopping for Iphones with Rihanna and dump her.

    5."Something" Anderson needs to retire immediately!

    6.George Sherrill has to find a way to get injured again.

    7.Manny... well not sure what more we can do with him except stop looking at so many sweet pitches wizz by.

    8. DeWitt is doing far better than I expected as is Carroll.

    9.Belisario and Troncoso scare the hell out of me both in looks and when they come out of the bullpen.

    10.Furcal and Loney are doing their job and no complaints here.

    Everyone else are good to go for now.

    Special Mention
    Kershaw pitched a hell of a game yesterday!

    Padilla's slow curve is NASTY!

    Broxton was overworked.

    The Miller Lite girls (Reserve level) at yesterday's game were SMOKIN!

    I still have a crush on Alyssa Milano.

    johanna said...

    no mention about Kuo??? I think he should pitch more but i know torre won't risk it. in my opinion he has been one of the most consistant pitchers for the dodgers....

    cucuy catcher said...

    Kuo is the man and should be the setup man.

    Turtledip said...

    Sherrill needs to be DFA. He's being babied by Torre & it's not working for him. I'm tired of seeing him being called up & giving up the long balls like always.

    KempKershaw said...

    First off, Kuo is already the set-up man. Apparently someone doesn't actually pay attention to the team he purports to root for.

    Second, Kuo can't be used more, Torre already is overusing him, he's had 4 arm surgeries, 2 Tommy Johns. Be happy he's even physically able to pitch.

    Third, Kemp hasn't been slumping because he has a girlfriend. Christ, watch baseball once in a while, players slump, most are in relationships. The two don't equate. He was a beast the first month, and was dating her then. Explain that one Sherlock Holmes.

    Robert said...

    What about Torre's mismanagement of the team? Come on players are up and down with's the manager's job to figure it out...Broxton is a great pitcher that had a bad outing...Torre should have figured it out. But I still love the Blue!!!

    cucuy catcher said...


    Elementary my dear Watson... didn't realize that I was going to compare d@#$ sizes with the resident Dodger Scholar. Why don't you calm down and let your cyber stones shrink before you jump on the keyboard next time. I understand you were upset after Sunday's game. Sorry I upset you Dodger George Will. Anything else you disagree with?

    rai909 said...

    Either is statistically slumping but in my opinion he is hitting the ball well and hes been against lefties 4 of the last 5 games so imagine that .. Matt Kemp needs to wake up & be determined to get out of that slump...Broxton turns into troncoso once he allows 2 runs but trust me JBrox is just fine... Troncoso needs to get sent down... if i could only find Stats that show how many Inherited Runs he has allowed, i can prove my point on him lol .... Sherril, truly i dont know what is up with him, a complete turn around from last year... and whats wrong with Manny? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!... Just because hes not hitting a homer everyday doesnt mean hes not hitting the ball... hitting over .400 the past 2 weeks...Kuo is BEAST, i fonly he didnt have those 4 major injuries, im sure he would be in the starting rotation ... Kershaw is a future Ace and i believed in him since he came up ...

    and back to Ethier.i was wondering ...didnt his career start in the majors because he hit good off lefties? ... i remember, when he first came up that he hit pretty good off lefties ... all that has changed lol

    KempKershaw said...

    cucuy catcher- I would imagine all of your unfounded claims.

    Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

    aslong as they dont replace "i love l.a." blaring thru the chavez ravine loudspeakers with Miley them dodgers can listen to whateverthe#$%@ they want in the privacy of their lockerroom...

    after that lil sweep in the bay its time to Cue the Newman!!